August 17, 2012

Ramadan Buffet Dinner @ The Quad, UCSI

Since Ramadan is ending and Hari Raya is almost here, its time I post up my one and only buka puasa buffet I had this year. *yay to good self-control*. 

Anyway, a little bird fish told me that The Quad @ USCI was having a buka puasa buffet for only RM38!!! And since it's been quite some time since my first visit, I could not turn down the invitation. So one fine evening, a group of us brave the traffic jam and headed towards USCI for a good makan session. 

The wait was kinda long as some VIPs were gracing us with their presence that day. And right after the call for break fast, I was the first one at the buffet line. I was so hungry, I could eat a horse!!!

That day, we had something extra - Lamb & Murtabak Ayam!! All graciously paid by the VIP as an additional to that night's menu. Yay!! The dishes were a mix of malay as well as western making it a fusion palate, with enough variety to keep things interesting. 

Nasi Tomato. Nothing outstanding. Not much tomato-ish taste and kinda dry. The rice wasn't mixed very nicely so certain parts were left clump together. I'm not a clumpish-rice person. I like my rice in its tiny bits. So yeah, I give this a pass. 

Penee with Cajun Chicken. Not sure of its origins but anything with pasta and chicken brings me back to comfort food. The penee should have been boiled longer to make the texture softer but the mix of chicken and with almond was something unique, unlike other cajun chicken dishes I had before. It feels more like an asian infused-style dish. 

Lamb Chop with Mint Sauce. Pure, classic, roast lamb with mint sauce. Yummy, delish, finger-licking good! There were some parts which was kinda stubborn but most parts were soft and tasty enough to keep us going for 2nd and 3rd round. 

Chilly Prawn. I've taken caution to eating seafood outside, considering them dirty as most restaurants do not wash them properly. However, for this prawns, I have to give it thumbs up! The size of the prawns are huge and its clean. No funny smell. The sauce was not spicy. It was very well marinated. Just imagine biting into the juicy flesh and tasting the sauce infused into the flesh. 

Beef Lasagna. One of the best dish that night! Wholesome food - layer and layers of mouth-watering, best-tasting beef and oozing warm cheese. Eating this was just about enough to keep me satisfied the whole night. I'll definitely go back if they serve this again..  

Tilapia in Thai Sauce. Not much to say. Fish was fresh. Sauce was OK. 

Ayam Percik. Just 2 words. No explanation needed. Juciy, fleshy, tender meat marinated so well that the sauce just oozes out when you take a bit. Delicious beyond words! Best dish on the menu that night. It was so good that we had so many, many rounds. Chicken was cooked to perfection. Percik sauce was just as perfect. My mouth is watering just thinking about this again.. 

Tomato Soup & Bubur Pulut Hitam. Didn't try this but my friend who did said it was OK. Tasted normal. 

*blurry cos of the stim rising up 

There was actually another dish which I forgot to snap a picture. Murtabak Ayam. Since it was a specials, I expected it to be good. But truthfully it was disappointing. It was cold and dry and hard. And the cut was too big. 

Assorted Fruits, Salad  & Cold dishes.  Good spread. Enough variety. 

Fruit Tarts. The fruits on the tart was fresh and the pastry was still hard. I don't like fruit tarts when the fruits turn the pastry into a soggy, soft mess. And the cream that came with it was not too overpoweringly sweet. 

Chocolate cake. The chocolate cake was moist enough and not too heavy. I especially like the mouse-like top part. Light, with enough flavour to to stand on its own. 

The pulut soak with coconut milk and drizzled with gula Melacca was just the right thing to end that night on a sweet note. I like it this way :)

Drinks. We were served water and when I ask if there were any other choice, the waiter who served us said,"There is strawberry milkshake". Not one to turn a good milkshake down, I said yes. Guess what!!! I got my strawberry milkshake the Malaysian way - Bandung!!! ROFL!!! But he's a nice guy - he served me milk tea too without me even asking for it. 

As the sun slowly sets and as I lean back against the chair, I would say that I'm truly satisfied. Again, some hits and misses but overall, a good job to the team @ The Quad. Even though it seems that they were short handled that day and there were only 2 person who were serving the floor but I had a pleasant experience. Thumbs up to the team who put in so much effort and staying back so late to clean up even after we have left.. 

p.s. According to the little fish again, buffet is still ongoing except that all the slots are fully reserved. Sorry for those who didn't get a chance. Maybe next time :)

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