August 14, 2012

Just a day Snorkling @ Perhentian Islands

A couple of months back, I was in Perhentian Island with a group of friends. The package that we took included an entire day of snorkling. So on the 2nd day, after we had rested from the long journey, we headed out into the sea.

Our 2 hunks for the trip - James & Sian Jeen

This is 'Schlow'. She dosen't know how to swim but was so brave in joining us. 

Our 1st snorkling spot.. 

Fishy's feeding frenzy!!!

Our instructor for the day, Mich Foo, teaching us how to breath properly using the snorkel :)

And giving the 'push' needed to get in the water... 

Mich Low was the 1st in. Scared, yet brave at the same time.. 

Next, were this 2 aunties - both past the prime of their age. 

In the water they went, holding on tightly to their 'bodyguards aka saviour aka snorkling companion aka buoy'..

Uncle, Mich Foo, Aunty

Mich Low floating like she a pro... Says who you can't snorkel if you can't swim!!

An unidentifiable group picture... before I went into the water. 

Moving to our next snorkling spot. Mich Foo & Uncle. 

James the monkey, Sian Jeen aka Ah Jeen, yours truly & Mich Low

Happy faces :)

I love this. A shot of Mich Foo & James at the Fishing Village we stopped for lunch.

After lunch, a new snorkling spot. The water here was smooth & calm. Lots of tiny fishes, deep waters and a handful of coral reefs. 

Our Sea Boy... tall, tan and all ready!!

Doing a back fall into the an experience diver!!!

Mich Low floating again... 

Happy snorkling!!

Another group picture... 

Our final spot for the day.... paradise on earth!!! When the boat was approaching this island, I spotted aqua blue super clear water, white sandy beaches, jungle and blue sky... and I thought to myself, 'I could so live here'.. Like a scene out of Castaway. If only there are fresh water... 

... which there is. Our boat man took a few of us on  a short walk into the forest to a tiny spring. Yay!!! Rockstar, time to retire :)

James working out a pose.... 

Another group picture

Both the Michelles - Mich Foo & Mich Low... 

Mich Foo doing her best imitation of a dive... Ouch!!!

And then the expert decided to show off :)

Ah Jeen tanning himself... Yup, just his face...

Another shot of Mich Foo & James... Yeah, I know .. Such nice pictures right? I don't even have a shot of myself except some camwhore shots which I shall not show cos you can only see my zit-up-face and none of the beautiful background. *fails 

James & Mich doing some couplely stuff - James throwing Mich up. #don'taskme

Me and Mich Low legs. Check out my 'beautiful' white toes... Need to tan my toes soon. Just my toes. 

Ah Jeen in action... Tall, tan... and erm... tanner.. 

As the sun sets, it was time to leave. We pack our gears and got ready to leave our little paradise.. 

Watch out everyone!!! James' driving us back.... 

Goodbye, beautiful place and memories. Tho our time was little but it was so beautiful!! We'll meet again, somehow... 

p.s. All pictures were taken by me using Sony SteadyShot DSC-W310, except the ones that have my face in them. Please refrain from using them without getting prior permission from me. 

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