August 27, 2012

Why I say NO to Zalora

Zalora is the hype of internet shopping now and everyone seems to be caught up with it. However, I have a different experience with them that I wish to record and share with everyone. 

I received a RM30 voucher from Marche when I dine there with my family in July. And as usual, being a Malaysian, we set it aside until its almost too late. The voucher was only valid until the 15th of July and when I realized it (which was on July 15th), I quickly went into the website and started browsing. This was my first time using and I was pleasantly surprise with the varieties. I spotted a kaftan that I like and placed an order for it. It didn't get through. After a few tries, I decided not to proceed further. I know the voucher with expire at the stroke of midnight but thought that I will try my luck the next day.

Next morning, I called Zalora up and the girl who took my queries was very nice. I explained to her my predicament and when she said that the voucher can still be used, I proceeded with placing a phone order with her. Since I wasn't comfortable with giving payment details over the phone, she said she will email me the invoice, where I will have to make payment via Maybank2u. An hour later, she called me back asking if I have received the invoice. I told her no and after checking, we realized the email address she type in was wrong. She said she will email me again. 

I waited. Nothing.

I decided to give them some time.

2 days later, I called up and guess what!!! No such record. They can't find my name or my email address or even my order. I wasn't very happy but decided to give it another try. I placed an order again and the guy who took my order said that he will check and get back to me. A couple of hours later, he called back, wanting to place my order but without luck. The item that I wanted was SOLD OUT!!! I was disappointed and NOT HAPPY! I really like that kaftan and I have been looking for the exact one for ages. The guy told me that the item will be restock and he will call me to let me know when the new stock came in. I agreed. 

Guess what!! No news. 

The beginning of August, I was in 1 Utama Shopping Complex and spotted the Zalora voucher at the Boost Kiosk. I decided to give it another try. I went home, browse the website for the kaftan and YES! it was there. However, the price have gone up about RM8+. I called up to check and another guy took my orders. I asked if the price can be reduced to the previous amount since it was their mistake that I didn't get to purchase the kaftan. I can't recall correctly but I think he took 1-2 days to call me back with the answer. And when he did, the answer was 'No'. Not one to argue over an extra RM8 for a kaftan that I really liked, I placed an order. 

Guess what?? Its now end of August and no emails, no calls, nothing. 

I still did not get my kaftan. 

This is not my 1st time purchasing online. I have been doing it for the last couple of years and have my share of the good and bad sellers. Zalora takes the prize for one of the worst. For such a big and apparently established company, they should at least get their process and customer service right. They provide phone orders??? Pffttt... 3 strikes and Zalora, you are out. 

p.s. ---> I know I have their banners all over my blog but I got no idea how to remove them. 


synical said...

If it was me, I would've given the vouchers away as quickly as I can :P

Talk about waste of time and money.

Anyway, thanks for dropping a line at my blog :)

Esther Chew said...

Nah.. and risk others having a bad shopping experience too? I would rather just throw into the recycle bin.

It's definitely a waste of time and money.

Thanks for visiting too :)