August 9, 2012

Super Me!

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! So many to make.... 

I was just chatting with someone whom I respect and look up to and I found out some really disappointing news. Working with young people have never been easy. Yet sometimes I feel so overwhelmed. We do so much yet results its so little. And often times, I feel like I've let them down. Its just not enough. I wish I have more time. More time to spend building them, talking to them, understanding them, encouraging them, being their friend. We lose them bit by bit each day. And time gone by are just gone. 

Every  time I find out that I lose one, part of me dies with them. 

It's just so disappointing. Like I've let them down. 

And its the time of the year where promotions and recognitions will be done. Arrgghhh!!! So difficult. So much pressure. A wrong decision can either destroy a person or build them up. What should I do? One more day, just one more day. 

She told me, 'You are not the Saviour'. 


But I'm Super Wonder Woman!!!! :p

* I got this off my McD Happy Meal. My 1st in the collection of Young Justice League. It's so cool that when I press the button at the back, the eyes & 'S' logo turns blazing red and the arms punches up. Still waiting for others. Batman, y u no come out faster?

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