August 12, 2012

Genting - Escape destination from Heat

The weather seems to be getting hotter lately. We decided to look for cooler weather a yonder. And being in KL, the best and nearest destination is none other than good ole Genting. Rockstar, I and 2 of his friends, drove up and stop at Gotong Jaya for some cheaper-than-Genting dinner. 

Fresh Cherries RM12 per box

Fried Squid RM15

Sizzling Tofu RM12

Spinach RM12

Black Pepper Deer Meat RM20

I can't recall the name of the restaurant that we went to, but I remember it is a corner lot. The food wasn't spectacular but the weather made it so much better. It started out quite cooling but halfway thru dinner, I had to put my jacker on as it was getting too cold. 

Then we drove up to Genting. Finding a carpark was hard as it seems half of KL came up that night. Weather was cool and the strong wind made it super freezing. The entire fleet of Lamborghini Singapore was also up there for a function and we stopped to take pictures. Then we walked thru the hotels looking for corn in cup and some snacks, before heading to Starbucks for a hot cup of hot chocolate and some drinks. We stayed past our bedtime, talking, enjoying the cool air. 

 Left Starbucks late and took a short drive back home. Short, inexpensive and satisfying trip. :)

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