May 11, 2011

Staying in Cat City

After my trip to Sibu and Kapit, I caught a flight to Kuching. It was only an additional of RM29 (everything inclusive) as the cost of flight from Sibu --> KL and Kuching --> KL is the same. So I decided to extend my trip to Sarawak with a visit to Cat City :)

I actually did consider forgoing my flight ticket and catching an express boat to Kuching. However, I was advise not too as it is a very long journey. So Air Asia it was. As usual, plane was delayed. I arrived in Kuching late on Monday night, with a tired body and terribly in need of a shower. 

Thank God for Jonathan, who picked me up, took me for dinner and send me to the door-step of the hotel. 

When I was planning my trip, I wanted a cheap place to sleep. I looked at a lot of hostels, backpackers lodges, budget hotels.. and finally, I found this. This hotel offers a trendy, clean, yet affordable accommodations. 

Main Entrance
When I check-in late that night, the receptionist was so helpful and within a couple of minutes I found my way to this, my Deluxe Single. It was so nice that I had difficulty getting myself our the door for the next few days. I had my own comfy bed (one of the best I slept in), with really really comfy pillows (their pillows are extra long). My own glass-enclosed toilet and shower, which allows me to watch TV while bathing or shitting.

My own York air-conditioner and 32-inch LCD TV with 20 channels. It even have channel specifically for the camera located outside the hotel entrance. It allows you to see who goes in and out.

My own min-fridge, safe, hair-dryer, kettle, tea, coffee, water and internet access. 

And not only that. The entire hotel was very chic-ly designed and decorated. It looks like a hotel, feels like a hotel but price was not hotel. It only cost.... *drum rolls please* RM73nett for 1 night. No additional cost. Its slightly higher then backpackers lodges which does not offer you personal toilet, fridge and internet. It cost slightly lower then another budget hotel with a red logo *same with the plane logo*, which does not give you air-con, or internet or even toiletries. 

So if you are going to Kuching and looking for a place to stay, my recommendation is this. Fantastic place and worth the little extra you pay instead of a back-packer.

Oh, but one little downside. I did see a tiny cockroach in the toilet :and some ants on the table :( and there are no windows... 

But I will definitely stay here again if I am going to Kuching...

360 Express Citycenter Sdn Bhd
Wisma Phoenix, Jalan Song Thian Cheok,
93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: +6082-236060 
Fax: +6082-237070 
Email :

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