May 18, 2011

Oh my!! I'm 26...

*shriek*... run around the room screaming and pulling at hair *whatever that's left of it*, moaning at the huge disaster that have befallen upon me..

OK. that's not what I did. The day I turn 26 started pretty normal. I woke up early. Decided to do some work. But realized I left my papers and file at the shop. Ended up cleaning my room. Got ready to go to the shop. And work until night. Supper. Home. Sleep. End of the day I turned 26.

I realize that the older I get, the lesser birthdays meant. I mean its special and all but its not such a big deal as compared to high school or university days. There is no shriek-its-your-birthday-air-kisses-from-girl friends-who-you-don't-even-know-their-names-on-other-days-and-OMG-you're-so-sweet-gifts-from-guys-and-acting-surprise-at-surprise-party-for-you kinda thing anymore. No more receiving lots and lots of presents and flowers. Its like as I get older, friends drift away and wishes and gifts are just given through on Facebook.

When I was younger, I used to wonder why my parents have so little friends. And now as I am older, I know why. Your time is taken up by spouses and family. And it requires lots of effort to maintain a friendship. So as I get older, I am more selective of the people I spend my time with. Yes, some say I'm anti-social. Maybe I am. After being a social bee for the god knows how many years, I am more contented with spending quality time with love ones.

gosh! This is turning into an emo post. Lets go back to my birthday...

I had a dinner celebration with my family @ Decanter, Section 17, the night before my birthday. Its just my whole big family and the additional spouses and boyfriends. We were so busy eating and chatting and stuff that we forgot to take a group pictures. But here are some random shots I took.

Decanter's Place mats
Decanter's Bar
I & Rockstar's Seafood Platter. RM38.
One of their specialty. Super yummy. Banana Peach Crumble. RM7.80. 
My 2nd sister. 
This picture clearly defines her cos she is more often then not... 'blur' :p

My 2nd sister again, my dad & mummy
Birthday wishes from my youngest sister, Becky
Deep in though... Guess what they were doing? 
Captain Angel. 
Artist : Eason Tang, my BIL... Its like Captain America + Hawk Man..

And then on my birthday, I didn't plan anything as I knew I had to work. Who ask Wesak Day to fall on my birthday? *ishhh*..  While at work, Rockstar called me to see if I was free for a quick lunch. I said OK, but to have a quick one nearby just in case there is an influx of customers and I need to rush back. But his plans was hijacked by this bunch of crazy people. I followed Rockstar downstairs and as I was coming down the escalator, there, right in front of me, on a pillar, in the middle of the shopping mall was a big-manila-card-sized-poster with 2 big purple balloons bobbing merrily, written "Happy Birthday Esther!". And then this bunch of crazy people walked up from wherever corners and nooks they have hidden, with a lighted cake singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Did I mention that we are IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOPPING MALL!!!? Oh, and did I forget to tell you that they are crazy?? * super embarrassed face* If you guys are reading this, I'll forgive you. Love you guys :) except for Ka Weng, cos he didn't come..

My one and only birthday cake this year. A yummy chocolate truffle with one-macaroon-just-for-me birthday cake.. Thanks you guys :p

And that's how I turn 26.... just a simple day, simple celebration, with love ones and friends. 

I look 21 young, I feel 21 young, I am young 21:p 

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