May 23, 2011

I'm MAD with bags..

Eeeeeee!!!! *jumps up and down*

My new toy...

Rockstar gave it to me as a birthday present. Hopefully there will be more pictures on this blog... after i figure out all the numbers and knobs and features and lighting and aperture setting and gosh... so many more... so much to learn and test out :)

Actually I better give him the credit first.. If not, no more nice presents from him. :) We have been together for 5 years and every year, he never failed to surprise me with his creativity. Not just in choices of presents but in the way he plan his surprise and timing. I won't be sharing all the ewww-mushy-sweet stuff but just want to say that he is a great boyfriend..

But here are my other awesome presents..

My eldest sis and BIL gave me Borders voucher. Yay!!! More books. I'm a nerd bookworm if you didn't know yet..

My twin gave me a Cotton On long black cardi *me like cos it makes me look slimmer* and H&M Peeling Scrub and Body Lotion. Yummy! Its Lavender & Rosemary and it smells good...

Sorry for the sideway picture. Can't figure why I its like that. It look normal on my laptop but once I upload it, its turn sideways :(
My mum treated me to a Manicure & Pedicure. We went to this really really nice place with really good service. Read from my sister blog here cos I'm lazy like that. But I like my nails. I used the silver China Glaze polish and my nails look so futuristic. My younger sister said that all I needed was a silver suit and I'm good to go..

My 2nd sister and BIL gave me a bag. Whats cool about the bag is that its its a Tooit Tooit Bag from Cambodia.

 You're got bag karma.

Tooit-Tooit bags are happy bags. When you buy one you're giving a gift to a mother and her child: a job, and education and a future. In other words, they're bags that make a difference. How cool is that?

Tooit Tooit is a project run by the Cambodian street organization Kaliyan Mith. Tooit-Tooit supports parents of former street children to increase their income by producing unique bags & accessories from their homes. 

By participating in this project, parents can afford to send their children to school instead of having them work or beg on the streets.  

Aiyah, the rest you read la. Lazy to copy out..

If you are going to Cambodia, READ THIS first. 
Protect the children!!!

Actually I received this from my elder sister as last year's Christmas gift. However, I just realise how special it is..

If you want more info.. go to

See, I'm making a difference... with 2 bags...

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