May 13, 2011

the singing bride-to-be

Oh gosh! I'm reaching the age where all the people around me are getting married and stuff.. Its fun and I'm so happy to see them being happy.. but its so heavy on the pocket... Its a Chinese thing I guess...

Anyway, just last Sunday, I attended a Bridal Shower for a good friend of mine. She's this amazing person who is so beautiful, smart, talented and ... and... erm... just amazing la.

As I was bringing her outfit of the day, I met them at Vita Spa @ Solaris Mont Kiara where they were having their massages done. Pretty place.. And the prices seems reasonable too..

Tadaa.... The Bride-to-be dressed up in her ....erm... best? She quite sporting and have a lot of expression.. kinda reminds me of someone *ehemgraceehem* I know...

Her task : Collect money by singing... around Solaris. 

It was a Sunday afternoon and there were plenty of people around just shopping or having lunch. 

She sang to a little girl a nursery rhymes.

She sang to a Old Mcdonald had a farm...

She sang to a Korean guy the song "Nobody Nobody"

She sang with a little guy. He is so cute. He asked her to sing Justin Bieber "Baby". She didn't know it so he said he will sing along with her. He ended up singing the whole song by himself. He was so into it and sang the song from the beginning to the end, including the rap part, and would have gone on and on if we did not clapped for him. That's his family enjoying the show..

She sang to this middle eastern guy who asked to record her, which might just end up on Youtube. Try searching for "crazy bride-to-be singing @ Solaris". :)

and a couple of other people...

She collected RM130..Pretty good for an hour's work.. :)

Yay!! Lunch time @ Meatworks, Solaris Mont Kiara. Bride-to-be still in her crazy outfit.. 

Pretty deco done by Michelle. 

Hand-painted shirt by my mum.

Top to bottom : Seafood pasta, my Philly-something-something-Sandwich, Texas Burger (I think..)

Bride Bingo!! She had to do whatever that was written on the post-it. And it's quite funny.

Prezzies for her... Let's just keep the presents a secret k..:) its just for her and her husband-to-be..

Sharing session.. It was a great time of sharing experiences, word of advice and just about anything.. 

I don't have a group picture as we used another camera. Will post it up later. 

We finished about 5pm. It was a really fun time for all of us... not sure about the bride-to-be tho. And all I can say is... finally, Yen.... finally.... and I am really happy for you.. 

*edited on May 16th with new photos

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