May 27, 2011

beaches, sand and young people...

This is going to be a quick and short post. I need to sleep soon.

In a couple of hours... I will be going to PD.. for those non-Malaysian. PD stands for Port Dickson. It's the nearest beach from KL City. But nope, not for a holiday... I'm going for a camp with a bunch of crazy, spoil, pamper, soft kids. Oh gosh!!! Yeah, its a love hate relationship. More love then hate.. hehe..

Anyway, I've been spending a lot of time with the pre-juniors (age 6-8) as I am now the Pre-Junior Section officers in the 10th KL Boys' Brigade. And they really drive me up the wall....

For mother's day, I decide to get them to make a gift for their mum. It was difficult bringing it up as we have orphans under us. But luckily most of them have parents except for 1 boy who did not have a mum. But he did made her a cup and even wrote "Happy Mother's Day". And he acted like it was no big deal... awwww...*wipe tears from eyes*

Anyway, here's what we did. I got them to make a flower pot cum pencil holder cum anything holder for their mum.. End result....

Sorry for the blur pictures. It's so hard to take pictures of children  as they are constantly moving.

Close up look..
And just the other week, I thought them about the "Ticket to Heaven". If you don't know the story yet, go google it...

Latest addition to my class. He and his sister join us just a few weeks back. They both gave me their English names but refuse to answer to it when i call. I can't remember Chinese names la... Yeah, i know I'm a disgrace to Chinese people..
Hard at work..

Presenting the boy who drives me not just up the wall but around the class, along the corridors and around the whole school..

Cute.. but don't let it deceive you... 

*cue song from Alvin and the Chipmunks*

Time for bed.. Nite.

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