May 22, 2011

just tired

oh gosh. things are getting so busy lately. and all i do is work work work, bb and work again. i know.. i know... everyone is saying the same thing. so if you are busy, stop wasting your time reading my blog. anyway, work have been crazy lately. i am closing down my retail outlet and there's is just so many things to settle and figure out. and truthfully i little scared about the future. what if things don't work out. what if i fail? my brother is starting college tomorrow. and now, i have no one helping me at the shop. why is it so hard to find good workers lately? i wish time will move faster and that i will be free from the shop. i love the shop but the hours are killing me. rockstar asked me just now when was the last time i went to church. i said i can't remember. is the shop bringing me further away from God? is it a sin for not going to church? maybe things will be better in a couple of months time. i really hope so. bb have been taking up so much of my time. is like camps, retreat, camp, meetings, and camp again. yes, i love bb. but what happens when i close the shop. i need my weekends to do business. what will happen if i leave? can i? its so tiring. customers are draining me lately. i get so irritated sometimes. every night i go home with a back ache and tired eyes. oh did i mention i left my glasses at kuching airport. so now im stuck with wearing contact lens all my waking hours till i make a new pair of glasses when i have the cash for it. i know i know. its bad for my eyes. i can't believe i'm still typing this with my contact lens on after putting them on at 8.30 am. thats like 17 hours ago. gosh... my eyes are going to drop off one day. anyway, its been an eventful week. i took lots of new pictures with my new toys. but let me try to figure out how to transfer photos first. ok. its time for bed.. g'nite blog

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