April 4, 2011

Trip up Mt. Dandenong (Part 1)

When I was in Melbourne last month.. oh wait.. it was two months ago..  a group of us decided to rent a car and take a drive up Mt. Dandenong.. Its like this mountain retreat place that its near Melbourne.. abit like Malaysia's Cameron Highlands..

It's such a beautiful place and I took like 500++ pictures... I wanted to upload so many pictures but I finally decided otherwise (1) cos my laptop keeps 'hanging', (2) you might get bored and (3) I'm just too lazy..:)

Anyway, here is our journey..

Arrived in Surrey Hills (that's where we meet the rest of the group) from Melbourne City. Lydia & I took the train and got lost a couple of times. The train system is darn complicated.. Anyway, Surrey Hills is this quiet little town with RAILWAY CROSSING!!!  We sat there for awhile and watch a couple of train passed by while waiting for the others.. and let me tell you this.. its so peaceful just to hear the horn 'tooting' in the distance, watch the bell ring, the lights turn red,  the bar goes down, the train whooshes by, the bell stops ringing, the bar goes up and the cars goes thru again... just like clockwork.. I know, Malaysia also got train.. but I've never set down an watch train going by.. maybe cos the weather is too hot..

Map of Mt. Dandenong..

1st stop.. Sassafras Village

just to try the very famous... Miss Marple's Tea Room...

362 Mt. Dandenong Tourist Road, Sassafras 3783
Phone : (03) 9755 1610
Open 7 days : 11am - 4.30pm

We rush there cos we were worried that we couldn't get a table.. but we were lucky.. manage to get one without waiting.. but word of advice, try to get there early.. if not, you might have to wait your turn..


Pic 1 : Our table... 
Pic 2 : A cute little boy's cow...

Miss Marple's Famous Fingers

And 'drum rolls please'.... their famous delicious yummylicious.... SCONES!!!
I'm not really a fan of scones.. but these scones are great.. not too heavy, not too dry.. and I topped with jam and lots of cream... I like!!!

Pic 1 : Cottage Pie . A bit to thick for my liking..
Pic 2 : Miss Marple's Sundae Best.. extremely sinful...
There is a funny story behind this. As we were having our meal, we noticed 2 elderly lady and 1 elderly man sitting behind our table.. and on their tables are 3 huge desserts.. They were just eating, and enjoying it.. its lunch time.. everybody else was having 'real' food.. and this 3 couldn't be bothered.. they just ordered their dessert.. When we finished, we were stuffed so we decided to order 1 dessert and share among 5 of us.. When the elderly group saw us, the old man called us "weak"... haha.. we 5 young people were called weak by an old man...  but yeah, we are weak.. we couldn't even finish it.. it is big..

Pic 1 : Tea Leaves
Pic 2  : Inside. They sell really cute stuff.  I bought some tea leave strainers in a shape of a tea pot and a house. You  lift of the top of the house, put your tea leaves in, close it and dip it into your cup fo hot water.. There was even one in the shape of a robot.

Pic 1 : Cream @ Sassafras Village
Pic 2 : Quaint looking shops

GEPETTOS WORKSHOP!!! When I saw the signboard.. I knew I had to go in for a look... and maybe, hopefully  to catch sight of Pinocchio..

Lots of dolls... and Pinochios.. but they couldn't talk or move :(

Sweet Company @ Sassafras Village. Candy store!!!

Next, Olinda Village

Pic 1 : Pie in the Sky. Heard that they have really good pies but we were too late. They closed @ 4.30pm..
Pic 2 : Walkway in Olinda Village

I like this shot that I took.. I wanted to take pic of the flowers but manage to captured my sis & friends too..

Pic 1 : Some craft/ deco for sale of the sidewalk..
Pic 2 : Who says pig don't fly?

to be continued....

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