April 22, 2011

Where can you get RM1.70 noodles?

One thing about Malaysian is their love for food (at least for most people I know). And no matter which part of Malaysia you go, there will be some special-must-try food… And it’s not the same eating kuey teow in Penang and kuey teow in Sarawak. Taste, cooking style, sauce… different...

So when I was in Sibu, I was taken to try some of their speciality.. And besides it being tasty and good, one thing I realize is the food there is SUPER CHEAP!!! Think RM1.70 for a plate of noodles… Or a meal of 5 different dishes shared among 6 people cost RM7 per person.

Super duper cheap… So here’s Esther Chew’s list of cheap & yummy Sibu food.

Lunch @ Sibu Centre Market food court

From left to right: Bubur Tepung, Beef Noodles, Kampua Mee 

Dinner @ Kingwood Hotel

From left to right, top to bottom : Crab meat soup, Steam Herbal Chicken, 4 season, Broccoli & Mushroom, Nestum Prawn 

Supper @ Fat Mum, behind Kingwood Hotel 

From left to right : Sweet & Sour Noodle, Fried pancake with mayonnaise (yummy), Vegetable

Lunch @ New Capitol Restaurant

From left to right : Fried Kampua Noodles, Fried Glass Noodles, Something-fish, Steam Ginger Prawns, Ferns, Red Wine Chicken, Red Wine Chicken sauce

Supper @ Taman Muhibah Foodcourt

From left to right : Fruit ABC, Forgot-the-name-but-its-mince-meat-in sesame-bun  (nice), Fried taufu (light and fluffy), Fried Mee

(BTW, I eat of of this on my own…and felt so guily after that)

Some other random stuff

From left to right : Peppermint “leong sui”, Fried Hor Fun, Some yummy cake

Food @ Sibu Night Market

I’m drooling as I look back at the pictures… So if you are looking for cheap good food, Sibu is the place to go..

One last picture for you that is totally unrelated J

Underwear for sale , anyone?? 

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