April 8, 2011

Tutti Frutti

Why is it that when I sit in shop the whole day, no one comes in and but the minute I want to close shop, people starts walking in?

Rockstar & I decided to go for a light dinner. Cos he went for a buffet lunch and ate so much that he felt so bloated and added to that, he did not even ask me to go for buffet with him *angry face*. And I ate 3 large pieces of fried chicken for dinner the night before and felt so guilty about it... (it was all his fault)..

Anyway we drove to TTDI without knowing what to eat and spotted Tutti Frutti. I've heard of it for quite some time but haven't had the chance to try. We walked in and spotted this sign...

Step 1 : Select your cup.
Cup to put your yogurt in la... And it only comes in 2 sizes... We choose the small one..

Step 2 : Dispense & Mix Frozen Yogurt.
I forgot to take a picture of it but imagine a roll of dispenses same like McDonald's ice-cream dispenser. They have flavours like grape, peach, green apple, strawberry, chocolate, erm... and lots of others. We took some time to decide cos I wanted all of them... Finally settled on peach and green apple.. *healthy ma* And it was fun turning the knob and watch the yogurt squeezing out..

Step 3 : Pick Favourite Toppings
See that counter there. There are lots of choices....fruits, syrups, jellos, etc etc..
Yeah, i was greedy and took strawberries, mango cubes, chocolate chips, colourful chocolate sprinklers and coco pops..

Step 4 : Weight & Pay
Finally, the moment of truth is here... When I was serving my self, i didn't realise it was priced by weight until I reach the counter.. "horror music comes on"... My little cup of yogurt with all the delicious toppings cost RM 21.20 !!! Luckily I had Rockstar there to settle the bill *yay for amazing boyfriend* :)

So here is our cup of expensive frozen yogurt...

But after taking a few bites, we both concluded that it was worth it.. Yogurt was delicious.. not too sweet.. Light, healthy and delicious.. Kudos to Tutti Frutti for bringing such a healthy food to Malaysia.

We will be back for more...
except next time, we will take smaller helpings and cut down on the toppings... except maybe a little bit of coco pops... and some chocolate chips..

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