April 21, 2011

Old Town Charm @ Sibu

I'm back in KL after a week away... It was a good break :)

Anyway, I've been asked many times, how is Sibu like? Besides saying its small and kampung-ish, I can't really describe how it is.. It's unique in its own ways...

A view of Sibu town from my hotel room -Kingwood Hotel, Sibu..
Town Centre towards the left side.. 

Pub in Sibu..

One of its main attraction is the Sibu Central Market, biggest indoor market in Malaysia

One interesting thing found in the market its the way chickens are sold... 
I have never seen it before.. Poor chickens... 

Old lady selling vegetables..

Higher view of the market.. Taken from the staircase in the middle of the market..

Food there is really cheap. 
Cheap prawns for sale..
The largest jackfruit I have seen. If I remember correctly, it weights 24kg... 

Ferns. They are famous for it... and it taste really yummy... 


Colourful drinks sold along the walkway..  Don't ask me if its safe to drink it.

Fresh flowers for sale.. 

Tua Pek Kong temple in the background..
Its a small town with lots of cars.. as you can see, its Sunday morning and its jam..

Political propaganda found all over Sibu due to the election..

Largest & newest church in Sibu... Can fit few thousand people I think.. 

Inside view.. Check out the LCD screen.. Must have cost a bomb..
Oh yeah, the people there are super rich.. According to the bulletin, the current amount collected for the church building fund is RM18 million..

Don't this just reminds you of Star Wars?

View of the seating capacity in the church..

Sibu Jetty/ Terminal

View of the great Rejang River from my hotel room - Kingwood Hotel, Sibu 

Mode of transportation..

As you can see, Sibu is an old small town, caught between its traditional old-town charm and the modern world.. And maybe the thing holding it back its the people.. people who are happy just the way life is there.. relax, slow...

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