April 27, 2011

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

My dad passed to me an article a couple of weeks ago but I just kept it in my bag and forgot about it. Today, as I was doing spring cleaning, I found it, took it out and started reading. It was an speech from Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios which he presented to some university students. 

And what caught my eye was not just how he lived his life, or the many failures that he had, or not completing his students, or being fired by his own company, but about what he said at the end. Rockstar used to tell me, if you want to be successful, be stupid. Cos smart people ask too many questions and think of all possible reason why things should not happen. Stupid people jumps in without thinking. Yes, they might fail but they will also have a higher chance of succeeding as compare to the smarter people. Which is true... 

Maybe not to be stupid stupid but to take the risk and not worry so much... Every time I do something, or planned something, I sit down and think. Think about the pros and cons, the problems and risks, and all the other stuff that might happen.. Most of the time, I end up letting fear take place... 

Maybe that's why I'm not as successful.as I want to be :) 

Anyway, I intend to follow Steve Jobs advice to " Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish"... ..after convincing my dad :(

Or as what Rockstar always as "Do first. Think later."

Disclaimer : This post is not meant for you to act stupid and will bear no consequences of whatever action/ problems that may arise from you being stupid. 

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