March 27, 2011

Death by camping

I just spend my Sunday evening marking test papers :)

and didn't know whether to laugh or cry at some of their answers.... Some answers make me wanna pull my hair out... some make me wanna strangle them... Some just make me ROFL... really one...

Am I a lousy teacher? Or are they lousy students?

Anyway, here are some of their answers for the Camping Badge (basic test). I will leave them to you to decide..
Give an explanation for each of the following items found in a Basic Survival Kit.

b. bivvy bag
- It is dark orange in colour and you can carry cool stuff inside
- can be made into toilet fences
- a orang- coloured toughened plastic bag
c. waterproof matches
- prevents water from wetting the matches
- to avoid burn out of matches when they touched the water
- it is matches that will not burn out even if it is a little damp
- it is waterproofed.
- matches that wouldn’t extinguish if it touches water
e. water sterilizing tables
- you can get water when you eat the tablets
- to keep steady when you are in the water
- to prevent headecs
- to prevent leaches

List 7 points to consider before pitching a tent.
- do not pitch your tent between two mountains
- the grass must be all the same length
- it must no be under trees that are old and can topple over
- not under big old withered trees that may topple over at night when asleep
- not near a cave in case of wild animals inside
- don’t camp under a river
- beware of big wind because it might blow your tent away

List down 4 tips to ensure camp safety and hygiene.
- if in a dusty area, bring eyewash and wash eye every evening.
- long pants to prevent leeches to suck your blood
- always build a fire infront of your tent when sleeping
- try to bath daily if water is available
- Don’t simply eat the medicine in the nature
- bring insect ‘stopper’ to avoid from the attacking of insects
- do not bare foot
- change your clothes twice a day
- by not placing the boots near the campfire. It might catch on fire.

State why a sleeping bag should be unrolled only before you get into it.
- so you can fit into it
- when you just unrolled the sleeping bag and you go and get something, they might be animals go into your sleeping bag, so this is why you should unrolled and immediately get into it
- Because like that only we go into it
- a sleeping bag should be unrolled only before you get into it because you cannot go in
- so that you can get into the sleeping bag
- so that insects or any other animals can get in
- if we do not unroll our sleeping bag, we cannot get into our sleeping bags and we cannot sleep in it because it is too small

Thank God I am not taking them out for a practical test... I will certainly "laugh-die-me" the whole time.. Oh wait, maybe we will all be dead before that... Sigh *wipe tears from eyes*.. What am I going to do with this bunch of spoilt, pampered kids?


La Petite Cherie said...

Ooooh I love camping! It is so much fun

gapnap said...

hahahaha..damn funny wei !!

Esther Chew said...

Cherie : Yeah.. me too :)

Gapnap : Sometimes I dunno whether to laugh or strangle them...