March 6, 2011

Sunset @ St. Kilda

When I was in Melbourne, I realised going to St.Kilda beach is a tourist thingie. Why? Cos whenever I mention that I went to St. Kilda beach to an Australian, I just get an "Oh" in reply. Followed by, "There are better beach" or "It's not that nice right?". 

But its one of the nearest beach to Melbourne CBD and I've read somewhere on the internet that they cleaned up the whole beach and its a must-visit. So I decided to go.

First thing I see on the beach.... HUNKS!!! And what's better than hunks? TOPLESS HUNKS!!!

Nah, actually that guy wasn't that good looking. But then again, how often do you see a guy with pecs jogging topless by the beach?

Sunset at St.Kilda is just beautiful...

 You can totally tell the difference between local and tourist there. How? The locals are mostly in shorts and slevees or topless. Tourist? All covered up in layers of clothing. The wind there was blowing very strongly and it was cold.. Really cold!! And in case you are wondering, that's not me in the picture below. 

It's just so peaceful sitting there, watching the sun slowly setting with the wind blowing at my hair and the sound of waves breaking on the shores and the cries of seagulls... Which I did not do.. Cos I was busy taking pictures for my twin sister... Sister-apponinted camera woman remember?? Thats her in the picture again.. 

Beautiful feets..

Sun going lower...

St. Kilda pier at sunset.. 

As we were watching the sun set, this girl came by and started posing for the camera. What's interesting is that she was wearing a bikini and it was super cold.. At that point, my twinnie had already put on another layer of jacket... I guess being frozen to death there is a tourist thing.

I just love the seagulls. So fluffy and white.. and cuddly.

Luna Park down the St.Kilda beach. Only opens in the summer on certain days. Go google it. I can't remember which days.. 

View of a tram coming down the road, opposite Luna Park...

This picture is blury cos I was impatient and move the camera too fast. But its the only picture I have on St. Kilda pier cos we walk there to see the Little Penguins. Yes, there are penguins at St. Kilda. Just walk down the pier toward the rocky end. I saw 7 Little Penguins. If you are lucky, they will be out from under the rocks and will put on a little show for you. Mine did. Seriously... We were watching the penguins stading there just posing for the cameras and then suddenly, he *I'm guessing its a male* turns to its partner, jumps on her and started humping... Its was so funny and cute.. All the spectators broke out in cheers... If you can't find any, just look out for the "Penguins ambassadors" (dunno what to call them) wearing red vest, holding small torch lights. Tho I'm told that they only comes out on certain night. Oh, one more thing, don't ever use your camera flash or any white torch lights. Not sure of the exact reason but its something like its not good for their eyes.. 

 How I wish I live near a beach. Then I can just take my laptop or a book, go sit by the beach do some work. Ahhhh... nice!!!

Beaches and seas are just so stress-reliever right?


Lydia said...

#1 You have a better camera...
#2 You don't like being in front of the camera..
#3 I do :p

Hence, the appointed cameraman for our trip :D

Esther Chew said...

haha..right... n its camerawoman