March 18, 2011

Camps, Poking Pencils & a Scary Trip

I just got back from 2 back-to-back camps. It’s a 3 days camp, follow by another 3 days camp. And boy, it tiring… Well technically I did not attend the second camp but going on the first day and staying over on the last day counts. :)

The 1st camp was ANTS which means Advance NCO (Non-Commission Officer) Training School. I was there to brainwash coach the young people… Seriously, I feel like I'm getting older and should stop doing stuff like this. Well, a few years ago, surviving on a couple of hours of sleep, and aching bones due to hard cement classroom floors and the ewww-try-not-to-touch anything toilets was nothing… But now, it’s too much for my older body :) My body seem to feel the aches, the hard cold floor and the lack of sleep much more now… But that again, its all for a good cause…

Me class..

Anyway, I forgot to take a picture of my makeshift bed. The floor was really really dirty loh *think of government high school classroom floor*and I decided to use the desk to make a bed. Smart right? Yep, I combine 4 tables… Luckily I sleep like a corpse and therefore won’t accidentally fall over the edge.

Before I start disclosing all my bedtime habits, I spotted this poster on my classroom door.

It reminded me so much of my school days. Never poke your ears with a pencil... Hahahaha..

Anyway, 2 nights ago…meaning on Wednesday, I decided to join my BB company members who have gone for a Boot Camp @ Outbac Broga, Semenyih…and joining them means driving there after work by myself as they have gone there the day before on the bus. And me being the super confident, macho girl told my parents not to worry as I know the place quite well, after all, I stayed in Sg Long for 2 ½ years. But I was wrong… a couple of hours before I started my drive, I Google map the place and spend 1 hour trying to figure out how to get there. It wasn’t anywhere I have been before. And the nearest landmark is Nottingham University, Semenyih. Anyway, I left work @ 8pm, and headed towards Semenyih. Google map direction says that the journey will take 51minutes.

I did it in 30minutes. Well to Nottingham University at least. I was driving quite slow, trying to study the printed out map. And making sure I did not take a wrong turning. It was dark… When I finally reach Nottingham University, I was relieved as I was almost there. But no, after another 20 minutes , I realized I was lost and it’s scary. Really really scary… I meant, I have driven all over the place, outstation, for many years, quite often alone past midnight. But this, this is the scariest for me…

View taken while driving. Sorry its a little blurry as I did not want to stop my car to take a picture.

I was alone, driving on some road, I don’t even know where, without any street lights, with trees covering both sides of the road and no other cars or human in sight. And I kept trying to push out horror-stories-from-movie-scenes out of my mind.

Trip was from point A to B. See where the blue line extended itself? There's where I when. I don't really know how far I travelled or how many kampungs or river I passed, but one thing I know is that I passed by a Kampung starting with "K" and also I did passed the border into Negeri Sembilan. And please don't ask me why I kept driving, because I don't really know. All I can remember is that I kept driving and driving. Creepy huh?

But thank God, I arrived at Outbac Broga at about 9pm+. Total relief…

I was glad I did come because this is what we did that night... *evil grin*

And I shall end this post with some random posters taken from the campsite.. The owner/ manager must be a funny guy...

The End.

*edited on 21/3/2011 with additional pictures

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