March 4, 2011

Finally... Melbourne here I am!!!

Yay! I’m on my way to Melbourne. *technically I'm already back as this post was written much earlier* A long awaited and anticipated trip. With my glasses on as it is an 8 hours flight… Camwhoring in the car…

Lydia with our luggage in LCCT.. She self-appointed me as her official photographer… Hmmph..

No pictures on the flight as I was too caught up with my book. I finished 1 book in 6 hours. Only took 1 hour of sleep and the other hour was spend eating and staring out my window. I need a window seat every time I fly… even if it means paying for it… I like being able to see the sky… and the clouds floating.. So peaceful...

When we arrived in Melbourne at 12.30am, Tim picked us up and send us to the hotel, Nova Stargate. You know, I don’t understand the fuss people make about this place. Its either they are blind or are super duper fussy. The room is fantastic. It’s so clean and big and even though the view is not great, we have a balcony… Its in the middle of CBD (Central Business District). It’s like a 2 minutes’ walk to Queen Victoria’s market, 4 minutes walk to Melbourne Central and you can just about walk to anywhere in the city. I know cos that’s what we did for the next 8 days. The McDonald’s just around the corner and trams runs just down the road..

After waking up super late cos its still so early in Malaysia, we decided to head outside..

First stop, Queen Victoria's market (QVM).

A colourful shop near QVM. I like the pink dustbin. I’m sure if I use it, the rubbish collector man would not forget to take my rubbish away..

But sadly, we were much too late as QVM has already close. Its almost 2pm.
Next stop : Breakfast (It's breakfast in Malaysia)
Our 1st breakfast in Melbourne. We stopped at a shop opposite RMIT. The chef, a huge Indian guy was really nice. He mention something about liking Malaysia and planning to marry a Malaysia girl... I'm guessing he didn't mean us.. 

Lydia again.. with our fantastic breakfast. We had creamy sauce pasta with pieces of pork, fried potatoes, onion rice and a piece of pork chops. All just for AUD8.50. Cheap comparing with other Melbourne food..

Oh, and I found out that Aussies like to do funny things in other people’s pictures. Look at the photo again...

I am not going to bother showing you pictures of RMIT because as I found out throughout the day that the whole campus is all over the city. They have buildings everywhere. All of them different and some are really unique. It will be too many if I post it up here.
We walked past the State Library. Check out those people lying in the sun just chilling…Lydia and I made a deal to do just that before we leave here.. I like the air here. Its sunny yet cold wind blows…

Lydia, yet again, in front of the Church of Christ, Swanston Street where Tim & Ewnice are getting married. See what I mean about Aussies doing funny things in other people’s pictures..

Some random pictures as we walked down Swanston Street.
A unique looking sidewalk chair..

Shalf Adult Cinema

Melbourne Old Town

The Garden of Gethsemane. Although I don’t see a garden anywhere around…

Decided to meet up with Tim's family for some Gelati on Lygon Street which is the Italian Street of Melbourne.

2 One-Eye Monsters on the street.. Sorry the bigger monster have loopsided eyes as she was trying to hold the camera steady.. It's like my family's trademark. Everywhere we go, the one-eyes monsters are sure to appear.

Yummy-licious Gelati… Lydia and I tried the Large cup.. 4 flovours. Roche, Honeycomb Crumb, Mango and Durian…

Check the place out if you are coming to Melbourne.. Their Durian Gelati is really good.. Il Dolce Freddo, Lyron Street..

Having some fun... Gents by the road…

Another Gents under the road..

Daniel coming out of the Gents in the middle of the road..

As it was too early for Sunset @ St Kilda, we decide to go to Queen Victoria's Night Market first. QVM has a morning market from 6am-2pm and a night market. Its a MUST-VISIT if you are in Melbourne. Both the morning and night markets are different. Will post up pictures of morning market later.

Rosewater Turkish Delight..

Death Sauce..

Italian Porketta.. Hard but crunchy..

Random pictures at the market..


Enough of pictures already. Will continue in the next post. Just 1 final one...


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