October 24, 2010

T-shirts 101

Work have been pretty crazy lately. Hence, the lack of updates.. There is just so many things that I want to blog about but just didn't have the time.. But I can't complain, everyone has 24 hours a day and if I make excuses that I do not have time, it means that I have failed in managing my time..

Anyway, on to a different topic.. One of my company main product is t-shirts. And being in the industry for so long, I'm an expert *almost la. self-praise a bit cannot ar* on t-shirts. Or at least an expert in wearing t-shirts. I wear them almost everyday. And I realise 1 thing.. People got NO IDEA how to take care of their t-shirts.. T-shirts are not just something that you can throw on and off anytime you want. There are some facts about t-shirts that you need to know.. 

So here's my intellectual thoughts on "What you need to know about how to take care of your t-shirts".. Read 'erm and weep...:)

1. Machine washable. Most t-shirts can be washed using a washing machine. I don't know about you but I'm a strong believer of machine-washed garments. It's a big no-no to me if I see, "hand-washed only" on the label. Well, you know me... I'm a lazy bum..

2. Don't mix colours. For those who have never wash their clothes in their entire life, read this. When washing of t-shirts or any clothes, separate them into 3 piles *or more if you wish.* Whites, dark colours and coloured. And if you want, you can add in the "reds" category or even separate out the "undergarments and socks". You can imagine the number of times I have seen people walking around with dirty looking grey t-shirt *oh wait, I think its white* or an un-identifiable coloured t-shirt. It's disgraceful.

3. Bleach. If you need to, use bleach. But be very careful as bleach can turn just about anything into white. And you don't want to go around wearing spotted t-shirt. Please, we absolutely know it's not a designer t-shirt. We can see that it's bleach-ify, idiots. Use them if you have spilled something on them, or for guys especially, if your collar changed its colour to blackish due to your sweat, you know it's time. But remember, DO NOT SOAK THEM! Because some * not all* materials can disintegrate in bleach water.

4. Hang them properly. T-shirts, when taken out from the washing machine bears resemblance to a rolled-up piece of wet paper, hence lots of wrinkles. Wring them out first before hanging them out to dry. Why? It helps the drying process and it will ease your ironing process.

5. Inside out. Especially for dark or colour t-shirts, turn them inside out before you hang them. T-shirts will fade under the sun. 

6. Dry them completely. Have you ever smell un-dried or semi-dried t-shirt? It's a guarantee that most people wrinkle up their nose at the smell of it. It's horrible and anyone who goes around smelling like that, your "saham" will drop ALOT. Please please please, you want to give good impression to others? Dry your t-shirts properly, it will help you tremendously in work and life.

7. Must be iron. Yes, you heard me. T-shirts can and should be iron. Unless it's like the uncrumple-ble type of t-shirts or if you straighten out all the wrinkles when you hang them out to dry. Arrgghhh, I absolutely cannot stand the sight of crumple and wrinkle t-shirts. If you want to look good in a t-shirt, iron them. It goes a long way. If not, you will look just like a scruffy, adolescent college student. Your t-shirts will also have a longer life span.

8. Printed stuff. How many of you damage your t-shirts when you accidentally iron the printed part of the t-shirts? This happens all the time. If it's embroidery, you can skip this point. How to avoid that? Either turn your shirt inside out or put another cloth (e.g. towel, t-shirt) over them before you iron it.

9. Cotton rocks. Being in a humid environment, we tend to sweat alot. Cotton is able to absorb more sweat of your body, its much more cooling then other synthetic materials, it doesn't stick to your body when its wet and it's natural. *nuff said..

10. Collar shape. When you put on your t-shirt, do not overstretch the collar. Collar gets out of shape easily and will make your of t-shirt look much older. This is vey common for guys. Normal t-shirt collar lies flat against your throat or collarbone. If you overstretch it, it will become very uneven.  

So here's my thoughts on how to look beautiful with t-shirts. I hope you all will read and join effort in making this world a better, tshirt-beautiful place.

Wear them with pride..

Signing off,
A t-shirt-holic

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