October 25, 2010

RM25 buffet !??!!!

Phewww.. It's been a great day. I felt super duper effective loh... Almost all the t-shirts are on it's way into someone else's wardrobe.. *prays really hard*

Anyway, it's been some time since I did a post on food.. It's not like I didn't eat. It's just that I so tired and hungry at the end of the day that I normally just gobble up my food... and I'm watching my weight But I found this cool websites that gives super cool discounts... If you have not check them out, please do... I already bought many vouchers from them and it's super easy.. * I just realise that I used the word "super" so many times. I think my brain is going on hyper mood..

There are many websites but this are the ones I know. *if you have others, do share with me k?*. I really like them because I get to enjoy more with half the price.. some of it is even more. I got like 6 Cupcake Chic voucher for 50% off 1 box of cupcakes *yummy* I just love their cupcakes. If you didn't know yet, I have a thing for sweet stuff *winks*. Oh, and I saw a promotion for a haircut at Thomas & Guys for only RM10. Actual cost RM60. But alas, I didn't get them because I just bought vouchers for Hairkunst just a couple of days before. Really.... it's true.... And in case you are wondering, I have used my vouchers already and it's VALID... No scam and all...

What happen was my mum's birthday was coming up and we couldn't decide where we wanted to eat. As the day drew nearer, I chance upon MYDEAL.com.my website I found this promotion. 50% off Family BBQ buffet under the moonlight @ Canteen Café & Restaurant for RM25 instead of RM50.

Sounds really good. So that's what I did. I bought 12 vouchers for my family.

 Sadly, we did not manage to use the vouchers for my mum's birthday as the timing wasn't right.




Last Saturday, half the Chew's family made it to the buffet @ Canteen. As usual, I was too excited at the sight of food that I forgot to take pictures of the spread and of the whole restaurant. It is a really cosy place with outdoor setting for a more american BBQ feel with comfortable chairs and benches. As it was raining that night, we opt to sit inside.

My happy family

My 1st round.
After that, I didn't take anymore photos as I was engrossed with eating. It's eat as much as you want. *saliva dripping* Drinks not included tho.. Some food worth mentioning... the chicken BBQ-ed just nice *I like*, lamb is super soft *had so many helpings* and the pasta had more lala *seafood* in it then the noodles itself :) Not enough, no worries... The waiters just keeps BBQ-ing till you have enough.

There was another family celebrating a birthday as well and they graciously gave us some cakes. Actually, it was like half a cake. 8 of us = 8 slices of cake. So generous of them...

 me 2nd sister, me dad and me twin sister

me BIL decided to impress the customers with his vocal capabilities... I think he even impress the performers that night. see the guy in red and the lady standing in the middle? They were singing for us the whole night entertaining us with lots of Spanish songs, oldies and jazz... They were really good :)

Overall, the place had a very nice, simple, cosy with a modern twist to it. Food was quite good as it is fresh of the BBQ pit. The only thing is that the spread wasn't that much. Was hoping for more... But for RM25... It was diffinately worth it... And I saw that they serve luch for only RM6.50.

It's located right beside Ecobar in Menara Bata, PJ Trade Centre.. Parking on weekends are RM2 for basement, RM5 for parking along the main road..

Ok yeah, I almost forgot.... the websites are as below :

1. http://www.groupsmore.com/


3. http://everyday.com.my/
 Why am I doing this? Because the more the merrier... and the deal only happens if the number of buyers is reach.. And some of the deals that I wanted did not get through because there are not enough buyers. *sad face* So please please help me ok???

Oh yeah, 1 last thing. I still have 4 more vouchers. Anyone wants to join me for round 2?

Disclaimer : This is based on my own experience. If you happen to go there and decided that the food is lousy, the waiters are not pretty enought, the place sucks... that's your problem, not mine.

*edited with website No 3 on Nov 17th, 2010.

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