October 5, 2010

sweet guys

You know, I get all soft whenever I see a guy does something really sweet.

So here's what happen today. A good-looking guy entered the shop. He is in his 30-ties and well-dressed. After awhile I approached him, and found out he was helping his daughter to buy a birthday present for her mother; who is also his wife.. He was looking for something "special". After some random chatting and stuff, I realised that he is very shy... and guess what, the daughter is 18 months old!! If you are thinking what I'm thinking, its no rocket science. My take is that he is buying the present for his wife but was too shy to let others know.

Why? Is it because he is afraid the wife will reject the present? And he trying to convince himself that the daughter is buying for the mother and not him for his wife, so that the rejection won't be that bad. Or maybe he is afraid to show affection? Or he thinks he is pampering her too much *the horror*? 

I'm a girl. And I know many girls who appreciate any kind of gift from a guy. It doesn't matter if its something small or cheap. As long as it's sincere and it comes from the heart, its received with open hands. Unless of cos the girl is a total BITCH..

I would say I'm a lucky girl. But not pamper, and definitely not spoilt. Rockstar is erm.. great.. OK, I will leave it as that and not to make you vomit with all the sweet stuff that he has done as to not risk spoiling his macho guy image.

Anyway, if you want something to tear-up over, check this out. If you know him, he is this huge long hair gangster looking with black sunglasses guy, whereas she is really small size girl *she is wayyy smaller then me ok*. And just looking at how much he loves her is enough to make me get chills... haha.. Just kidding babe.. You guys are perfect for each other and I wish you all the best :)

Anyway, I want to salute all the guys who are willing to love and not care about what other people may think.  *salute*

Anyway, since Rockstar is not around, I've been very lonely.. And this is what I have been doing at night..

Haha...You might be thinking yeah right but it's true. I do enjoy watching it.. Rockstar got me hooked..

But I have been out every single night since he left and I felt like staying home...  So that's what I did tonight. Watch Justice League.. besides blogging and chatting with Rockstar..

It's nice, you should watch too :)

Oh, and it's less than 48 hours before Rockstar comes home. Can't wait :) :) :)


adeline said...

can i make u an addict to fringe and avatar series??? lol XP

Esther Chew said...

NOOOOOO!!!! I will be stuck in...erm... "series-land"...

cannot cannot. for the sake of my sanity and not-born-rich-ass-and-not-having-to-work-ever-in-my-life.. Please spare me :)