October 13, 2010

High expectations

Rockstar is having a practice session for a wedding he is performing at.

So I'm sitting here in a Chinese restaurant having dinner all by myself. *sob*sob*.... Actually I'm OK with it. You know some people cannot sit alone in a restaurant of a cafe for the fear of looking anti-social and uncool. Well, I like sitting by myself, hanging out by myself, talking to myself *oh wait, I don't talk to myself*..out loud I mean... because that would meant there is something wrong with me... and people might look at me weirdly and whisper," That's girl is crazy". Ok, lets get back to what I was saying... Yeah, I got no problem with sitting by myself in a restaurant, going to movies alone or even travelling alone *not like Rockstar would allow that*... I always wanted to travel alone, explore places, going for adventure... Maybe I will, someday.... Back to what I saying, sitting alone allows me to people-watch, which is what I'm good at... and of cos to blog... :)

Anyway, "sitting alone" is not the point of this blog post...

I want to talk about "Expectation"

Expectations. It's such an important word, isn't it.

What you expect of others. What others expect of you.

There is this new concept among young people nowadays "Don't expect to much or to high, because you will be disappointed. Expect low, then you will feel better if you get better or higher results". That is a TOTAL BULLSHIT to me... You know why?

I believe in setting high expectation. I set very high expectation for myself. Sometimes, when I do not achieve the results I wanted, I will feel disappointed. But is good. Because it makes me want to try harder and prove myself wrong.

When you don't set high expectation for yourself, you don't have a goal for you to achieve it. If you expect low and you get lower then what you expect, you lose. If you expect low and you get what you wanted, good for you. But remember, you still have not tried your best and achieve your potential.

When I was in Sunway, I set a very high expectation for myself, and I believe I achieved my goal. But try as hard as I may, I could not meet the expectation of my big boss. And I felt like a have failed. It was like a blow to me.. And I realise, sometimes in life, expectations are better set for yourself and not others. I know that when I left, my big boss was disappointed. I disappointed him because I did not meet his extremely high expectations.

And I must admit, I fall into the same category. I set very high expectations of others. I expect my BB officers to be like me and more, I expect them to produce better results or does things the way I do. I expect my brother to have the same leadership skills as me. I expect my family and love ones to be like this and that. And the list goes on and on...   

Setting expectations for others is OK to a certain extend. But prepare yourself for disappointment, if and when they fail you. And they do... all the time. And I'm sorry to say that I have not handle this well.

But after realising this, I'm trying to remember that as long as they achieve the expectations they set for them self, I should accept that.

I'm not saying that I will stop setting expectations on others. But I'm saying that I will try to be tolerant and accept that.... I AM A VERY DEMANDING PERSON... muahahah!!!!

So to all those reading this, you know what to do... Don't disappoint me...


gapnap said...

hahaha , well it depends on individual . Some people set high expectations on certain things such as their love life , yet set low expectations on their career ...

so in the end , different people have different wants and needs .
I am more into "accepting" than "expecting"

Esther Chew said...

Yeap, that's true... expectations setting varies with individual and the environment, event and time they are going thru...

I set expectation but I also accept when they disappointed me.. But that doesn't stop me from setting higher expectations.. and I hope that 1 day, it will happen..

gapnap said...

that is a great reply :)
power la u