October 7, 2010

1st year anniversary of being a businesswoman

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of being a businesswoman.

Wow!! Time really flies and its exactly one year since I last step out from the door of Sunway. It was a huge step for me. From being a corporate woman to a business woman. From having to listen to bosses, to being my own boss. From being in the comfort of a ship to shark-infested waters. *squirm*

But I am lucky to say I survived.

So I'm sure many will ask me, how does it feels like?

Well, I would say it in 2 words "It's crazy!!!" My life have never been as crazy as the past years. Things are very different as compared to being in corporate. But I can't express how it feels like. If you are in corporate, you will not experience it unless you try being in business yourself.

But since its my 1 year anniversary, let me just state my major accomplishments/ achievements or whatever you want to call it. That's what a blog is for right? This will help me 10 years down the road when I looked back. Not to brag, OK?? If you think I am, you can totally STOP reading now because its FOR ME to remember...

1. POS & Inventory system.  I set up our whole computerised inventory and stocks system. Previously, since its a small company, stock control is done manually aka excel sheet. But now, it's all bar coded and it's stock control and stock take is wayyyy much more efficient.

2. Credit Card machine. Almost 10 years in business but yet to have credit card services. Now, both outlets have credit card machines. You can even do installments or cash back if you want.

3. Premium orders. Much more premium/ bulk orders since the previous years. Why? Because I am young and I have the energy to go around, promote and chase people asses :p, as compared to my old dad.

4. Psalmist Privilege Card. Huh??? For those with question marks shinning from your heads; its actually a membership card to join the Psalms Oasis family. You sign up as member, you get 10% discount storewide, received regular updates on promotions and new products, special promotions for members only and many other. As of today, after only 4 months, we have almost 200 members and counting... Woohoo!!

5. Suppliers. We have increase our list of suppliers both local and overseas. This means bigger range of products and much more varieties of goods. Does this means we are international??? *hopes*

6. New designs for products. Not only have I become a businesswoman, I have turned designer as well. Imagine, not having a design background or not knowing how to use Illustrator and being in a family of super creative people, I always consider myself the least creative. Well, I guess when the needs arises, I got no choice but to jump in log, stock and barrel. *darn, I sound like my ex-boss*

7. Brand new outlet. Yeah, my biggest achievement this year. We set up a new outlet from scratch. From the scouting of locations, to signing contract, to renovation, to stocking of products, to marketing and promotion, building a stronger customer base to finally be in business for 5 months already.

Wow!! Just thinking back and typing this makes me feel breathless. Can't imagine that I have done all this besides the other current operations and activities to look into. Of cos, I wish I could have done better if I had worked a little bit harder, or was less lazier, or spend less time on facebook or online shopping, or even less time dating *grins*. Many what-ifs but well, there are still so many things that I want to do but did not manage to.

But there will be next year, and the next year, and the next...

I'm going to say my thank you speech here. Even though I'm not receiving an award,  it's a milestone for me and I couldn't not have done with without these people.

Firstly, I would like to thank my parents, who supported me all this while and gave me the knowledge and directions I needed. It was hard working with them *if you know what I mean* but I would not have it any other way. They have given their whole life into this, and it would not be where it is today without them. They taught me that despite failures and problems, if you don't give up, if you know that it will help to make the world a better place, you will be rewarded. God blesses those who love him.

And of cos, Rockstar. He is always there to support me, hear my rants and complains, hold me whenever I needed to cry, advise me, being there whenever I needed him and always being my silent partner. He is my Energy Source and De-stresser. He gave me the courage to do what I needed to do. He taught me about business. He is one of the most "geng" businessman I have ever known. Just looking at him and watching how Music Master Studio have grown motivates me to do greater things.

And not forgetting my twin sister, Lydia. Oh yes, we do quarrel like normal sisters does but that's just being normal. I can trust her to be there when I need her. To also hear my rants and complains, helping me to "jaga kedai" when I needed help, telling me off when she feels that I am in the wrong even thought I always don't seem to listen to her :)

And lastly, my AWESOME GOD!!! He is the owner of Psalms Oasis. Me? Just a simple manager. He has everything in control.

And yes, thank you to all my fans customers who have supported us and encourage us.

*waves hand goodbye as I walk of stage*

So what next? Well, many ideas are running in my mind but the 1st thing is to prepare for Christmas. I'm hoping for a massive sale :) and next... Internet business...

Phewww!!! I'm blessed...


Lydia said...

So is thanking me a way of making sure I say yes the next time you ask me to jaga shop? :p

Esther Chew said...

haha... well... not really :)

tim said...

Next you need to jump on to the internet business as we are in the dot com era.

Esther Chew said...

yeap, i know... that's what i said.. next will be internet business..