October 8, 2010

Am I lucky or what?

Rockstar is back in Malaysia. *grin*

And being the good boyfriend he is, he bought me goodies *wider grin*

Here's the newest addition to Esther's Bag Collection.
But even with the many number of bags she has, none can compare to this.

You know why? Check this out...

It's looks like a handbag...

It fits like a hand bag..

But its a laptop bag...

plus I can even fit in my wallet, phones, PDA, keys, make-up and all that in... Woohoo!!! And I like the colour inside. It's white-ish silver-ish with glitters.. Really pretty :p

According to Rockstar, He bought it from a computer shop in Hongkong that specialises in ladies computer bag.

That's not all..

He bought me a portable hard disk.I don't have a hard disk and I always complain that I cannot store and watch the movies that he downloaded. Now, I can 'curi' all his movies and justice league series... muahahaha!!!

And of cos to carry all my data, files, etc etc...

Another fact about it is that its portable. Meaning, no need to plug into power socket. Yay!!
Being a businesswoman, I'm always on the move and I set up office whenever I get a space to seat down with my laptop. This will be super convenient for me..

And the best part? It's white in colour *doesn't it look like Lego* and its super small.. I can fit it in my handbag and carry around... Fit for a lady.. :)

Aren't I the luckiest girl in the world?

Thank you Rockstar... You are the best!!! :)

*I forgive you for leaving me behind while you enjoyed yourself in Hongkong*

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