August 1, 2015

Letters to My Little One (Week 24)

Baby Bump photo for Week 24

Week 24 (11th July 2015)

wow! time really flies and its already week 24 into my pregnancy. I guess days passed by so fast and I lost track of time. maybe its time to pause for a bit and just enjoy the moment..

my little bump is growing and moving. especially at midnight just when i am about to fall asleep. but even though i pray that he or she will not be a lets-keep-mummy-awake-at-night kinda baby, I'm thankful that my little bump is active and healthy. and yea, i still do not know if its a boy or girl yet. with the moving to US, settling down here and getting my medical stuffs here settled, i have yet to see a doctor. so that will have to wait a bit..

hey little one, hang in there.. you have about 16 more weeks to go. your mummy and daddy loves you and can't wait to meet you. but we also want the best for you. so please take your time to grow strong and healthy. your little body parts need time to fully develop. you are a gift from God to us and we thank God everyday for you. at times this seems unreal but the kicks you have been giving mummy tells me you are in there. so take care little one.. we love you so much..

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