August 21, 2015

Life lately...

Wow! Time flew by so fast and it is 1 month since my last update on life.  So here's what's I've been up to photos :p    

Lunching at a pretty French cafe. Food was so yummy..
Steamboat/ Hot pot at home


Loving my check-up at this beautiful hospital..
Tacos! Yums...

Celebrating my baby girl with a huge cupcake :)
Taking long walks in the evening around the neighbourhood.. 

Lots of eating.. and baking.. too much spare time :)

Japanese for lunch..
...and satisfying my hamburger craving.

Shopping.. sorta.. kinda hard to buy clothes when everything makes me look fat -_-
Arab food for lunch.. oooo, the curry is amazing!

Tacos by the roadside...

Lots of tea times... and book times
Got myself a membership at the local library too.. *bookworm mode on*

Visited the local farmers market
..and indulge myself with an apple turnover. 

Selfie before another doctor's checkup..
Spotted some cute sidewalk chalk drawings during 1 of my evening walks.. 

More eating.. 

Pancakes from IHOP..
Homemade crepes.. 

And more food... Home-cooked spaghetti bolagnaise..
.. and pad thai at a local highly Yelp rated Thai food cafe.. 

Took my local driving license..
Did lots of thrifting...books, clothes, shoes :p

Made creme caramel custard pudding..
...and banana pancakes..

Welcome drink from church..
Eating again..,lots of fruits and yogurt.

Baked mini apple pies.. 
Got a bag load of winter wear hand me downs from Rockstar's cousin.. 

Lots of Facetime and Skype time with my family and friends..

And a final picture of my belly at Week 27... 3 weeks ago. 
It's growing so big so fast.. I am feeling like a whale lately. 

And tomorrow I'll be going for a holiday... cum babymoon.. and most importantly I get to see Rockstar after being apart for 2 months. Yay!! Till then...

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