August 28, 2015

Letter to My Little One (Week 30)

Week 30 (21st August 2015)

hello my little one! it's me again, your mummy..

3 weeks have flown by and you are now 30 weeks old. you have grown so much and you are getting so big and heavy. mummy can tell that you are growing stronger by the kicks and punches you are giving mummy. mummy's belly looks like a watermelon and she feels like a whale. it's getting harder for mummy to move around. especially in bed. just to turn from the left to the right side takes many tries. and the stretchmarks you have given mummy is so humongous. mummy's appetite comes and goes too. sometimes she feels like eating but the feeling of heartburn prevents her from doing so. and feeling like someone is constantly kicking mummy in the groin is so painful. daddy says you got to be nice to mummy. can you, little one? please be good.. 

but you know what? all of that does not matter because mummy loves you. she wants you to be strong and healthy and beautiful. she hopes that you will grow up to be kind and gentle and sweet. and to have a caring heart and to have understanding and wisdom. and most importantly, mummy prays that you will be a woman who loves God and who follows His commands. 

daddy and mummy loves you and wants you to have the best. 

you are almost there, sweetie.. just a few more weeks to go.. the kind nurse told us that you are a little small in size but you are healthy and strong.. that's good, baby girl.. stay strong and healthy. mummy is trying her best to provide all the nutrients you need. 

we love you little one.. 

Baby Bump Photo for Week 27
Navy Blue Shirt Dress : Uniqlo
Beaded Earring Hadasah Hannah
Leather Strapped Watch : Longines

Baby Bump Photo for Week 28
Floral Printed Midi Skirt : Ladylike
Gold Black Earring Hadasah Hannah
Leather Strapped Watch : Longines

Baby Bump Photo for Week 29
Brown Silk Top : New York & Company
Gold Loop Earring Hadasah Hannah
Gold Aztec Ring : thrifted from flea market

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