July 30, 2015

Pregnancy Cravings & Week 10

I wrote this sometime back. They are just some random thoughts. I wasn't ready to post them at that time but it's now time...


Week 10 (6th April 2015)

hello! it's been quite some time. but i'm glad i took the time to blog about my first few weeks of finding out i was pregnant. reading them back is making me all soft and teary but I'm just going to blame it on pregnancy hormones. 

so it's week 10 now and i missed blogging the pass 3 weeks. boohoo.. so just to recap and record things down. Rockstar and I meet with the doctor for our 2nd checkup in week 8. Baby is doing OK and we even get to hear the heartbeat. :) it's kinda faster than normal heartbeat. I survived 2 camps 2 weekends in a row. yay! it's quite tough when all i wanted to was lie in bed but I did it. although the 2nd camp was absolutely crappy with a combination of hot flushes, army of mosquitoes attacking that I barely slept. sorry baby! hence the lack of blog post as I needed a few days to recover. 

i've been getting used to the fatigue and understanding my body changes more. vomited for the first time this week. got my first 2 rubber pull string pants last week. thank you daddy! i actually did lose weight but most of my pants only fit at the thighs and butt part. i cannot buckle my pants. even if i can, the buckle cuts to my tummy and causes imprints and discomfort when i sit. my tummy bump is not suppose to show for another 2 more weeks so I don't know what is the extra tyre doing there :( doctor says no sit-ups or even pilates (sorry Michelle. that's why I've been avoiding classes). my cravings are all over the place. it changes so frequently that i have a hard time keeping track. like yesterday for example, i ate tuna sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner. oh... one major craving is nasi lemak. lots of them.. thankfully Rockstar is so amazing and patient in finding nasi lemak places to visit for me.. 

today is a good day. woke up early and managed to get some work done. had no cravings so I told Rockstar to choose whatever he wants. he might not get to choose in a while. he's been really supportive going out of the way to make me feel safe and taken care of. and I love him more because of it. our live is going through a roller coaster now and i know that if we make it to the end, we will become stronger together. 

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