August 4, 2015

Letters to My Little One (Week 26)

Week 26 ( 28th July 2015)

hi little one!

you are growing so fast. mummy's belly is getting bigger and bigger. today, mummy was so upset to discover her first pregnancy stretch mark. the purple greenish squiggly marks looks so big and ugly but its not your fault. mummy just have to learn to accept all there is in bringing you into the world.

you keep mummy awake at night with your little kicks and punches. sometimes when its quiet at night, she also hears funny noises coming from the belly. the first few times really scared her. all the swishing, popping, bubbling and gurgling made her really worried but she now knows its ok. all the funny noises just lets mummy know that you are inside, warm and safe.

daddy and mummy are very excited to meet you and we have already told the world that you are coming. don't you worry little one, there are many aunties and uncles out here eagerly waiting to meet you too. aunty grace already bought you little onesies. aunty lydia says she is going to  spoil you. but don't get too spoil just yet, you have to be a good girl.

oh yes, you are our little girl. the nice nurses at the hospital showed mummy that you are a little girl. when mummy told daddy, he knew right away. your daddy is a smart man. your daddy was also amazed when he saw your little body on the photo. your daddy is so surprised to see your flexible little legs and body. its ok little one, stretch and move inside there. build your little bones and muscles to be strong. even though your daddy is far away, he misses you a lot and wishes he gets to feel your little kicks. but don't worry, he will be back soon. he will be cos he knows we both misses him.

so stay safe in there little one. its going to be just 3 more months before we get to meet you face to face. know that mummy loves you and prays for you every day. she hopes that you will grow up to be a strong beautiful girl, inside and out.

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