July 31, 2013

A night in a comic book cafe in Tokyo, Japan

November last year, Rockstar and I decided to go to Japan. Three reason which lead to this was that another couple was going, flights are cheap (that's like 2 weeks before departure date) and it's gonna be our second honeymoon. So we rushed, got everything settled, visa, accommodation, etc and was on board AirAsia before we know it. It was a late flight and by the time we touch down in Narita Airport in Tokyo, it was almost midnight.

We took some time figuring out the train routes, payment system and platform information and the airport. Japan train system is the most comprehensive one we have ever seen. Even the few hours spent pouring over the maps and routes back in Malaysia didn't help. Here's me in my glasses - it's early in the morning; carrying my pink duffel bag. Rockstar and I tries to travel as light as we can. 

Guess what, we heroically thought that we could find a room just to spend a few hours before taking an early bullet train to Osaka to meet our friends. Big mistake ever!!!!!

After an hour of haunting the streets of Hamamasutcho, we found a McD at 1am, sat down and contemplate our situation. Few hotels were to be found. Reasonably priced ones are full and the only hotel that had rooms available cost us RM700++ per night!! We considered sleeping in McD but alas it was closing. The train stations was also closed by then. Bus stop was also an option but it was too cold to be outside. 

We almost settled on the RM700+ per night hotel but as we waledk up the street one last time, amazingly Rockstar spotted a signboard with a chinese character that represented book. 

Thank You Jesus!!! A comic book cafe!!! We actually read about it before and was hoping to find out. And we did! 

We paid for 2 cubicles. 5 hours each. Cost us 3200Yen = RM100+. 

Its small and cramp but I'm so not complaining. It's warm, there is an easy chair to sleep, free wifi and computer, tons of japanese books and comics, clean toilets, and free flow of biscuits, coffee, tea, juices. 

You cannot imagine how grateful we were. I was so tired by then. 

Lesson learned - Be adventurous but do proper planning beforehand. :)

* updated 7/8/2013 Here's a picture of the comic book cafe signboard. I was looking for it earlier but couldn't find it. :)

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