July 3, 2013

Freezing waters @ Lata Hammar

A few months back, a group of us decided to visit Lata Hammar. We met up early in the morning, drove to the entrance, squeeze into a four wheel drive (yes, all 10 of us) and then started our hike in. 

We had to cross river, hike through dense bushes, climb under fallen trees before arriving at our destination - Lata Hammar waterfalls. 

My first glimpse of Lata Hammar, roaring loudly, welcoming us. 

But first we had to cross another river to get to the other side. Current was quite strong. Thankfully there was a rope to hold on to and a floating bed which some campers loan to us to put our bags. 

Lata Hammar waterfall in all its glory and freezing cold water. 

We unpacked, marked our territory and started eating.. What to do, Malaysians ma..

It was so beautiful. When the wind blow, the trees brushes against each other and send thousands of twirly seed thingie floating down - natural confetti. I wished I brought a better camera. 

Posing before swimming. 

James monkeying bull-ing around

What's a hike without a visit from the leeches :) Yucks!!

Water was super cold. I could feel its chill all the way to my bones.  

James & Michelle's kungfu jump. 
I only brought my compact camera, hence the blur pictures when I zoom too far. 

Cooking more maggi to warm the body up. 

A visit from the 'tribal people' :) Haha, it was so cold that we had to hunt for spots where the sun shined through the trees and stay basked in its warm rays.

After we had enough eating, splashing around, sleeping and monkeying, we took 1 last obligatory group picture before packing and leaving. 

Another short hike back to the car.

Fallen trees due to heavy rain few days before. 

It was a great trip. Although I was a little unprepared (hence the weird outfit) but I had fun. 

Goodbye Lata Hammar, till we meet again, someday. 

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