July 19, 2013

Self-Portrait Challenge : Day 1

Today started out quite wrong. One of my eyes wasn't cooperating and it was red and painful and every time I blinked, I felt like something sharp was poking my eyes. I resolved to not meet anyone today, let alone take a selfie. 

But as the day turn hotter and the sun turned into a beautiful pink, glowy sun, it seems everything just became better. I decided to get out, put my game face on and meet the world. 

So here's why there is a selfie today.

1. I decided to take 'A Beautiful Mess' 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge. This is super hard. I am always the one behind the camera and out of the thousands of photos I take the past years, I only have a handful of myself in them. Yeah, I suck.

2. I seriously do not know how to take pictures of myself. Every angle either makes me look fat, awkward or retarded. But then, as what Elsie + Emma said and I quote, "Self-portraits are a wonderful way to learn about photographing people because your subject is always with you!". And if I want to be a good photographer, I guess I have to learn. 

3. The red eye I had this morning disappear and I didn't have any other good reason not to take a self-portrait.

4. I am no chicken. I'm an adventurer, baybey!

5. I was trying out sunglasses at the store and decided why not here?

6. It's a beautiful day.

7. I want a signed copy of their book :)

So get ready people, you'll see more of me this entire month then you have for the last 4 years. Muahahaha!!! I promise pictures will get better *fingers cross* and I'll try not to hide behind big sunnies.

Let the games began!!!!

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