July 18, 2013

Food Hunt @ Jalan Telawi Ramadhan Bazaar

One of the best part of living in a multiracial country - you'll get to enjoy the custom/ celebration/ food of different races. Our neighbours, the Muslims are currently in the middle of their fasting month. And during fasting month, buka puasa ramadhan bazaar pops up all over. I like :)

Me twinnie heard about the goodness of the Singapore Rojak and Kuih Pelita @ the Jalan Telawi Ramadhan Bazaar over the radio and wanted to try them. So we decided to met up, incorporate a photoshoot (yes, right smack in the middle of all the food and people) and have dinner together. 

So here's some photos I snap during the hunt for food. 

Murtabak. So many varieties and stores selling them. My thing when I want something wholesome, fills my tummy up and leave me warmly satisfied. 

Food are cooked fresh, so you'll get them hot, steaming and smelling so good. I wonder how could those fasting bear the wait. 

Chickens after chickens. Ayam Percik, Ayam Goreng, Ayam Rendang, Ayam Tomato, Ayam Rempah, etc. etc. 

Eeekkks. One of my favourites - although its getting harder to find them nowadays. 

Kepak Madu Ayam a.k.a. Honey Chicken Wings. Going for RM1 each. So tempting. And satays!!! Arrgghhh!! There goes my diet.

Do you know what is this? Its a squealing chicken. The seller was pressing it over and over to attract attention. I gotta admit its kinda creative. 

Don't be surprised on how friendly people are. Most of them strike a post and ask me for a picture when they see me with a camera. But the entire place is filled with smoke that most of my photos turned out blurry :(

Sambal sotong with ladies finger! I stood in front of the stall with the pretense of snapping pictures but was actually contemplating on getting a portion. But my mind overruled my stomach and I walked away with just a lingering smell in my nose. 

One of my best moment on this food hunt, this little girl. She was happily helping her mum out and when she saw me with a camera, she hide behind her mum before braving herself, came out and gave me a big smile. Awww!!! And then a few seconds later, she was prancing around serving customers again. 

We only got half we came for as we couldn't find the Singapore Rojak. But the Kuih Pelita was perfect. Soft and gooey and fresh and delicious and yummy :p RM2 for 5 pieces. 

The crowd build up around 6pm and the stalls closes around 7pm. So get there early to avoid disappointment. If you have not been to a ramadhan bazaar before, please do so. This is what makes us so different and so Malaysian :)

Ramadhan Bazaars rocks!!! ;p *peace out*

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