August 6, 2013

Exciting news - Double Escapades!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Reason being is that me twinnie and I was working on a project which is now ready. We have both been blogging for many many years and decided why not combine our 'skills'. So here's what we came up with - a new blog on the lives and escapades of a pair of twins. This new blog will be a combination of both our blogs, focusing on everything from being a twin, to love, life, fashion, travel, and more. 

Now, let me give you reason to click the link below :
1. For friends, family, readers who follow both our blog, wouldn't it be easier to just read one to keep updated on our lives? 
2. For friends, family, readers who feels that my travel post are too long, and you just want to read the short version, here's the good news. Everything else about my life will be on the new blog. Whenever I blog about my travels on this blog, I will post a single photo/short paragraph of it on the new blog. So for those who want to read more, the link will be there.
3. For readers who are here for my travel post, you would not be subject to the boringness of my personal life :) This blog will focus on just travel post
4. 2 lives of 2 hot, sexy and gorgeous girls *sorry, kinda delusion ;p* . What's there not to like? ;p
5. Because I say so... muahahaha!!

Anyway, click HERE NOW... NOW ... NOW!!!!!

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