June 28, 2013

Top Wedding Sites I like

OK. Since I've got a lot of backdated wedding posts up, spare me by allowing me to post them up ok? 

Anyway, while I was planning my wedding (and my sisters wedding), I did quite a lot of researching via online. Reason being is that its so easy to save pictures for inspiration and I could even sneak in some time during work (not so obvious as opening a wedding magazine, etc. ;p).

I have thousands of pictures which I saved under various folders. Seriously... They really did help me when I did my inspiration board, and coming up with ideas for my wedding. 

So here's my list of top wedding sites for inspiration and ideas and DIYs, hoping that this will help bride-to-bes or future bride-to-bes. :)


Of cos there are so many other wedding blogs/forums/websites/etc. So please feel free to google and search for them. The websites listed here are my just some of my favourites and I though I should share them out :)

Happy planning peeps!!!

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