September 2, 2012


How's your weekend? Long, busy weekend for me. Spend my time finishing up my wedding deco and getting ready to move out. 

Starting with the bed. This double decker bed came to live with us during our uni days when the room was too tiny for all our clothes for both my twinnie and I to stay. And when we move back home, the bed came back with us. Beginning of this year, I starting sleeping in my younger sister's room. So it was no issue to dismantle the bed when the top bunk wasn't being used. My twinnie gets the bed that I am currently sleeping in and guess where I ended up?

On the floor. -_-. I know right. For 2 weeks. 

I've also managed to clear up lots of junks, old memories, empty my clothes cupboard and dump out lots of old clothes, bag up lots of things for charity... oh, and I started packing for honeymoon. 

 Wedding in 12 days!!!! 

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