September 4, 2012

Bridal Shower No.1

Ok. I quick one. I need my beauty sleep.. Eye bags not going away. 

Last Sunday, my cellies pulled off a Bridal Shower for me *big smiles*

Actually no... I was super duper scared. Seriously. I've been to a few showers before and they can get really ...erm... scary... really... 

But I lived to tell the tale..

This is everybody... being paparazzi-like.

No brownie points for guessing who's the victim celebrity? 

Pretty fondant bride made by Aunty Esther Foo :)

What's a bridal shower without food right?

Cream puffs, chicken puffs, egg sandwiches, jelly-like cake and cupcakes. All made by Aunty Esther. Thank you, Aunty. They were delicious. 

I ate so much and then regretted it. The girls should have warned me beforehand. They made me answer some questions and once I got it wrong, I was 'punished'.. 

Well, guess I didn't get that many correct. See what I had to go through for you, Rockstar. 

Anyway, I survived that. Then it was the next part where I did lots of things which I won't mention here. Or even post up pictures. And definitely not videos. Ok, maybe just a nice one of me. Yes, texting... It was part of the dare. 

And maybe a weird one, just to make you guys happy. I'm nice like that :)

*Don't ask me anything. I can't remember. 

Thanks to all those who pulled the whole thing together... and especially to my Cell Leader, Michelle and the host, Yen. And for all the lovely pressies I received. 

It really wasn't that scary after all :)

Night peeps. 10 days to go!!! Woohoo!!

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