September 10, 2012

6, no, 5 MORE DAYS!!!

Sorry for the lack of post lately. Been really busy.. 

Got a reminder from 2nd sister yesterday during my bridal shower.. 

Instrgram @theestherchew

 Actually as of today, its 5 DAYS!!!!

Received lots of pressies from my bridal shower yesterday. Will post up more pictures when I get them :) Big thanks to me twinnie & mumsie for pulling the whole thing off successfully. Much love ***

A 20 piece dinner set, A 28cm fry pan, a rice cooker, a multi-cooker, 6 pieces of towel set, a stainless steel pot, a 12 piece chinaware,  a ceremic kettle, a designer lamp, an apron, 2 placemants, 1 basket & a bath essentials set. 

I was at the Boys' Brigade parade on Saturday and some of them were asking me what am I still doing there. Even when I got home, my neighbour said it was time for me to relax and chill. But you know, I don't feel that much stress. A co-worker @ Kidz@5 said that I look very un-stress for a bride-to-be. 

I think people around me are more stress then me..;p

Am I doing something wrong? 

Instrgram @theestherchew. Hot pink shoes, gift from soon-to-be hubby.

Checklist for final month/week

Order wedding cake - checked
Final fitting for all gowns - checked
Confirm marriage licence - checked
Make sure you have all accessories - checked
Pick responsible person to handle guest book - checked and checked
Hairdo & Makeup - Checked for morning, checked for dinner
Rehearsal for all wedding participants - Friday afternoon
Dye & Highlight my hair - checked
Facial - checked

Instrgram @theestherchew. New bag for honeymoon from Charles & Keith. Gift from me twinnie

Things to do
Pack for honeymoon - 3/4 checked
Finalise plans for honeymoon
Renew passport
Contact guests who have not reverted - in progress (Malaysians are such absolutely horrible in RSVP-ing)
Final count to caterer, restaurant and hotel - in progress
Plan seating arrangements - in progress
Transportation arrangements for wedding day - in progress
Purchase gifts for attendants - in process
Fitting & collecting of wedding bands - today
Visit eyebrows expert 
Get my nails done - appointment made
Design, print and write thank you notes
Choosing of songs
Make rehearsal arrangements
Iron table clothes
Sew flower girl dress
Meet with photographer
Go through all deco to ensure nothing is missing
Make appointment with Hair Salon
Finalise arrangements with hotel
Finalise floral arrangements with florist for dinner

Gosh!! So much things... I think I need to hype up my stress antenna.. and maybe go for a massage or two ;p

On top of that, work is piling up. Its like they got wind of my upcoming marriage and are combining force to make life difficult for me.. Like dragging things and then wanting their orders the day I get back from honeymoon. Guess I will have to work through my honeymoon :( I still got a pile on my table, waiting to be cleared before I leave for honeymoon. 

Instragram @ theestherchew. Hand-in-hand, we will conquer the world. 
OK. Rushing of now... So many things, so little time!!!

God, grant me strength & peace :)

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