September 17, 2012

Sealed with a kiss!!!

It's been a long time since I blog. Wanted to pent some thoughts the night before the wedding and title the post as 'D-day' but guess what, internet was down... *pffttt*.Oh well, at least I get to sleep.. Anyway, just so I can remember, here's what when through my mind on Friday night..

Slightly nervous. Not so kan cheong. Tired. Excited. Busy writing thank you cards. Watch my sister stress over last minute details. Relax. Put a mask on. Clean my room. A bit more excited. Showered. Wash my hair. Pack my bag. Time to sleep. Went to bed with a smile. 

Not very eventful. I guess it still haven really sunken in yet. Nah, I won't scream and just around. I calm like that. I'm not the type to go crazy over hiccups and problems. Just told my sister, you decide la. I'm OK with anything. :p

Wedding was beautiful! Perfect in every way. I won't start mentioning all the things that I love about it, since there would be way too many. But it was huge, all our friends and love ones were there and that made all the difference. 

Of cos the wedding didn't go exactly the way I planned or wanted it to be. It was close but there were still some things that went wrong. But I still love every single minute of it, glitches and all. 

Will post up pictures and stories later... as I'm busy trying to read through 100 of emails and settle work stuff before leaving for honeymoon.. I just collected my newly renewed passport early this morning. How's that for a last minute thing...

Received an SMS from one of my girls yesterday night. She's only 14 years old and it was so nice that it made every sweat and tears and late night sleep so worth it. 

Mdm, thanks for letting me be able to flank for your wedding! It was a great honour! Personally mdm, while I was flanking and when u walked down the aisle, it made me want to be like you when I grow up. I want to have my own wedding, have my face lot up just like yours when you walked down the aisle with the man God has chosen, waiting for you in front of the aisle. Thank you so much madam! :)

Been unpacking so many wedding presents :) Thanks everyone! Will post up pictures later. 

It actually just sort of sunken in that I'm married yesterday night. I headed home to pack for honeymoon and some other stuff to carry back to my new home. And when I was leaving, my dad said, "Esther, why are you going out so late?" And then me twinnie said, "Dad, you should not ask her that. You should ask her - why are you not home yet. Its late." And then as I was walking out, it really did hit me. I leaving home. I'm leaving my parents. No longer will I be a Chew. And I felt the sadness deep down inside. 

Anyway, I heading of to my honeymoon tonight. So excited!!! Will try to blog from the City of Love ;p

And just 1 picture before I sign off..

It's done!!! Signed & Sealed with a Kiss!!!

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