June 9, 2011

Taking the Kuching Heritage Walk

I wanted to blog last night but stupid Unifi kept having network problem that I couldn’t get a steady connection. And it also made me miss the last 10mins of the final episode of a series I have been following… arrghhhhh!!! Now I got to look for other alternative just to know what happen at the end of the story :( 

Anyway, I’ve been neglecting my travel posts for so long. Its like before I can finish blogging and recording them down, I am on my way to another trip. So here’s what I left off, my trip to Melbourne in February and Sibu & Kuching in April.

Let’s just continue with Kuching. Read my post here, here, here, here and here..

Early on my 1st morning in Kuching, Jon, an old university mate called me up for breakfast. He wanted to take me to try out the Kolo Mee along  Carpenters Street. The 1st store that we went were well-known for its noodles but service wasn't good. It was 7.30am but they refused to serve us. Almost all the table were full and this is the 1st time I see customers waiting patiently for the 2 old cooks to prepare the noodles. I guess they were really good that people don’t mind waiting. That's Jon sitting at the table. See, we even have to share table with an old man. 

Sadly, my friend couldn’t wait as he had to get to work so we walked a short distance away to another place which serves almost equally as good Kolok noodles. Food was delicious. Tasty and satisfiying. How come KL ones does not taste as good?

My Tea C Special

After breakfast, he left for work and I decided to walk around instead of heading back to the hotel. As it was still early and most business only open at 9am, I decided to take the Kuching Heritage Walk as shown on the map. 

Here's my journey. Started at the Kuching Waterfront. 

Rows of shops standing sleepily along Bazaar Street, slowly awakening to a brand new day.

Raising sun of the Great Rejang River

Peaceful and calm.

Work starts early.

Dewan Undangan Sarawak (DUN)


A gift given by White Rajah, Charles Brooke to his wife, Margeret Alice.  

River starts waking up.

Square Tower. 

Its like a prison + detention place kinda thing. It wasn't open so I couldn't see inside. 

A different life just across the river.

Passing time.

Charles Brooke's Memorial & The Old Court House

Carpenter's Street

Textile Museum.

Went in for a peak. They have 4 stories showing different kind of textiles, fashion, material and craftsmanship. Its quite scary walking alone as there were mannequins sitting or standing quietly, looking really realistic. I will never know when one will jump up and stab me from the back or something.. Haha. Guess I watch to many horror movies. 

General Pos office.

Looks really old outside but take a peak inside and you'll discover a bustling nosiy normal Pos Office. 

St. Thomas Cathedral.

Cross @ St. Thomas Cathedral

Inside St. Thomas Cathedral.

Merdeka Field.

Took a break @ the Food Court on Capenter’s Street just opposite the Huang Thian Siang Temple … Wanted to try the famous kuih but it wasn't open as it was to early. Had a honey kind of drink. Really refreshing on such a hot day. 

Hong San Si Temple

View from further up the Rejang River.

Their main mode of transportation along the river.
I think someone told me it cost RM1 for a ride. 

Kuching statue.

Top Spot Kuching Seafood, well-known for its seafood. 

This walk took me about 3 hours just walking and snapping pictures.. oh, and I did some shopping too :) Was worth it cos it gave me the opportunity to see and understand Kuching better. Would love to go back as I did not mange to complete the whole thing. And found out much later that the Kuching Museum is a must-see. :( 

Kuching its such a queer place. Its modern-ish yet maintains its old town charm, with new high rise buildings just across a riverside kampung. Vast differences yet peacefully co-existing. 

Can someone explain what this means? Is my Malay that bad or are is this worst?

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