June 25, 2011

Car Mutiny

Why does bad stuff happens at the wrong time?

Jess was getting married today. As I was leaving school in Cheras to go for the the church service @ Old Klang Road, firstly, my car air-con died on me. It was a Saturday afternoon and temperature outside was maybe 34°C. Secondly, I think my car mutinized (if there is such a word) against me...my windows couldn't wind down. Imagine me all dressed-up, make-up, with no air-con, seating in my hot car, getting stuck in traffic jam. It was a self-made, man-made, car-made sauna. I was sweating literally buckets of water. Beside me there was a growing pile of tissue-soaked sweat. *gross* I kept thinking "drive faster drive faster... stupid car... stupid jam... " And guess what my car must have heard me scolding her  decided to heat up. the needle kept going up and up.... Gosh!!! 3 in a row....

As I was already late, I just prayed that I will reach safely. And I did.... The minute I found a parking, the needle was almost reaching red.... I parked, switched of the engine and ran out the car... Blessed cool air and Thank You God!!!!

Its like one of the worst car experience that had happened to me. Thank God for my daddy, who was also there at the wedding, who saved my car later on. Thank You Dad!!! :)

Anyway, if you have some money to blow, drop by Atria Shopping Centre. Guardian sale is on now till the 3rd July 2011 @ the Concourse Area.

My stash... 

3*3 packs of Guardian Wet Tissue RM 10
Supergirl Eau De Toilette RM10 for my younger sister 
(I bought it just cos it has a Superman logo on it. Gosh! I'm such a die-hard superhero fan)
ZA Toner & Moisturizer RM15 & RM19 
(I finished my current one and decided to go for a quick solution instead of driving all the way to One Utama to get my old brand *lazy me*)
ZA Pore Smoothener RM15
Avenue Spring Water (mini-size) RM10
Mascara from Korea RM13 (I super like it. Make my lash look long and dark)
Clothes hanger & Necktie Hanger (for my belts) RM5 each..

Total spend = RM102

Value for money :)

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