June 23, 2011

A visit with the Orang Utans

When I was in Kuching, I wanted to visit so many places but could not due to the fact that:

1. I was travelling alone
2. Most places requires a tour guide
3. Most tour company will not provide a tour guide for a single traveller
4. The cost of transportation on my own will cost me a bomb

So, I was lucky that on my first day there, I chance upon a tour company hidden inside the Old Court House. At first, they could not arrange a tour guide for me but within an hour they called me back with a opportunity to partner with this Hong Kong guy who was also travelling alone. I grabbed the chance and within 2 hours, I was happily on my way to the first destination. Woohoo!!!

Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is located 40km south of Kuching and is situated within the beautiful Semengoh Nature Reserve. It was established in 1975 for the rehabilitation of confiscated and surrendered wild animals. Eventhought they have cared for 1,000 over endangered mammals, birds and reptiles, it is more well-known for its orang utans rehabilitation centre.

I arrived just in time for their feeding session @ 3pm. There are 2 session, one @ 9am and the other at 3pm. As the orang utans are semi-wild, we are not allowed to go near them. Only the rangers are allowed to feed them.

Shhh... must be quiet. See more rules & regulations here.. 

This is 26-years-old 'Delima' also known as 'Hot Mama' as she have attacked quite a number of visitors before; coming for her food. She is carrying her youngest daughter, 2-years-old Induk. 

A ranger giving her some food. 

Delima and Induk eating. 

Closer view of baby Induk. 

This is 7-years-old Selina, also Delima's daughter. 

This is 30-years-old Seduku. If you got sharp eyes, you can see that she is carrying her youngest daughter, 1-year old Kok. 

Since they are so far away, lets go back to Delima, Selina and Induk. Orang utans are very entertaining creatures and I am just so amazed by their agility and ability to multi-task.. :)

Awww... So sweet. You can feel the mother-daughter bond. 

Hot Mama aka Delima on the move. Better watch out people. She bites *rawww*

I was lucky on that day. The alpha male/ dominant male, Ritchie came out to play... (and eat). He seldom comes out and to be able to catch him on my first visit there was amazing :)

He is HUGE!!!! 

That is Lela, I think... In front of Ritchie. See, Ritchie is much bigger then her. 

My tour guide also took us to visit the Information Centre where there were lots of information about orang utans and rehabilitating them. Did you know that male orang utans are twice (2) the size of a female orang utan?

There is also a board listing all the orang utans at the centre. 

Besides orang utan there were various animals available there. As my camera was low on battery, I only took picture of the crocodile... Cos is one-big-ass crocodile.. Probable the largest I have seen in real-life... 

And probably the closest I will ever get to one..

Before we leave, here's a picture of me... 

And one of Ritchie....

If you are ever in Sarawak, do visit these orang utans. Your trip will not be complete without seeing them.. Just remember to :

1. Wear long sleeves and pants. You don't want to feed the mosquitoes.
2. Make sure your camera have enough batteries
3. Don't go during fruiting session. If you do, you will only be watching yourself :)

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