June 5, 2011

I had Cheese Crab for dinner

Oh gosh! I've been eating and eating so much for the past month... One thing about my family is that we love food.. period.. I grew up in a family who is willing to splurge on food. And I remember growing up to a lot of laughter and crap and jokes around the family table.

Sometimes at midnight, my mum will suddenly announce, "I feel like eating" or my sister will complain, "I'm hungry la".. and off we go to tapau some McD. *Thank God for 24 hours McD*.

Anyway, its no surprise that Rockstar and I enjoy food too *hence the size :)* Since we started dating, food played an important part in our relationship. We will go hunt for new places looking for good food. And it continue on when I started working, he started working.. and then we stopped. Its not because we lost our zeal for food.. its just that we are so darn busy that whenever we have the time to eat together, we'll stay home and eat his mum's cooking or just some quick somewhere..

But lately, food is back again! :) Here are some pictures taken with my new camera.. woohoo!!

22nd May 2011 @ Tony Roma's, e@curve

OK, this is a bit cheating as it is not a new place. Its quite a regular place for us if we are looking for good food.

Some Sandwich.. can't remember the name.. 
Fried Mushroom with Honey Mustard
 This is my MUST-HAVE dish if I am at Tony Roma's. Fantastic stuff.. 

24th May 2011 @ Room 18, Tropicana City Mall

They were having this promotion where you can get food with prices starting from RM1 with certain vouchers.
ShuiKao Dumpling with Noodle in Hot Soup - RM11.80 (Original Price)

I had this for only RM7.80 with free drink - Soya Cincau
Sweetened Sago with Mango RM4.80
 I think this was either RM1 or RM 2 with the voucher. Best mango pudding ever.. 

Just go to the counter, there will be some pamphlets. The vouchers are inside. Only 1 voucher per customer per visit. 

25th May 2011 @ Section 14 Open Air Hawker Center

Pan Mee - RM4.00
Heard that the Chee Cheong Fun and Chicken Rice is famous there. Have yet to try them..

26th May 2011 @ Chakri Place, KLCC

As I was working on my Birthday, we decided to postpone my birthday celebration to a later date. Hence, this lunch at KLCC about a week later. We couldn't decide where to go as it was lunch hour and most restaurants were packed. Walked past this restaurant which seem to have less people. But sadly, they gave us a tiny table along the walkway into the restaurant. It was so cramp that my boobs were resting on the table I couldn't not move my chair at all but have to slide in and out each time.  

But the food made up for it... 

Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai
 Thai Green Curry with Chicken
Tao Hu Phad Gung Hom
Fried Japanese Beancurd with Minced Prawn & Shitake Mushroom
Fragrant Cereal Soft Shell Crab
RM 11.90 per pc. Min order 2 pieces.

It was really worth it. Even Rockstar who wasn't a fan of Green Curry, like it so much that he practically finish the whole bowl of green curry himself :) But when I asked him which dish was the best, he said the beancurd. It had a very unique test. I like the soft shell crab the best. It look really gross at first and I couldn't see any crab as it was totally covered in some mushy looking stuff. But the taste, the texture, the smell... Its sweet, cos of the cereal but salty... and the crab was infuse with the gravy... Gosh! I wanna go back for more..

30th May 2011 @ Marmalade, BSV II

Banana -something Shake

Fettuccine with Shitake Mushroom
RM 18 (I think)

*Can someone please tell me why my pictures keep turning sideways when I upload it :)
Its so good that i finish all the whole plate on my own. 

Oh, did I forget to mention that all my meals were taken after I close my shop (except for the lunch).. which is about 9pm. Gosh, so unhealthy :( And then after eating, I can't sleep and have to wait a few hours before going to bed :(

Lately, I have been having cravings for creamy stuff.. I know, its unhealthy.. but we only live once right?

Tonight, I had Cheese Crab during dinner with my family.. . No pics as I was busy eating and forgot about taking pics..

Last night's dinner @ Asia Cafe, Kota Damansara

Creamy butter chicken rice
We had so much food. Sarawak Noodle, Char Kueh Teow, Special Pan Mee * 2, Sphegetti Cabonara * 2, Kung Po Chicken Rice, Fried Mushroom, Chicken Wings, something rice and someting else..


Oh btw, Rockstar finally gave in and got himself a new iphone 4.. Yay!! But I don't like it cos he seem to SMS me less *maybe cos of the touch screen*.. but then his voice sounds sexier over the phone .. hehe... *please don't call him to check k"

Bed time... nite :)

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