June 9, 2010

the mid-twenties...

Oh, guess what, there was a film shooting right opposite my shop yesterday..

Photo a bit blurry cos I was hiding behind a pillar and trying to snap a pic.. Not sure if it was allowed or not.. So i curi curi take..

But I get to see a live shooting.. so cool right? :p

And keep waiting for the word "Camera, Action" but couldn't hear it.. Don't they use it anymore? :(


I just turned 25 last month..

So how does it feel like to reach the mid-twenties?

Well, nothing... I meant its just a number... I still feel the same as the I did the day before..

Here's what I did when I turned 25..

Sitting by the beach, in Phuket, staring at the waves, comtemplating life...
*Actually we were too cheapskate to pay for super expensive beer and decided to get some from the store and crash at the beach :)

Sometimes I feel that life have stood still, and I am just 18. I feel 18, I act 18, I am 18.. :p Everywhere I go, people think I cam 18..

Anyway, let me share my "wise" thoughts on this.. I had 2 reunions right after my birthday..

1st reunion with my primary school & secondary school classmated. 2nd reunion with my university mates.

And I am quite surprised, yet not too surprise at the vast difference between the 2 classes. During the 1st reunion, we talked about the good old days; who liked whom, strict teachers, maughty pranks and stuff like that. The 2nd reunion I when to, everyone talk about what they were doing, where they working, how much money they were earning.

And another vast difference is their attitude, their way how they view life. The 1st reunion, everyone was laid back, having fun in life, some still studying, some single mother, some lepaking... But in the 2nd reunion, boy... I could practically see the dollar signs in front of their eyes. A number of them were earning big bucks, getting promotion, buying houses, getting married.. stuff like that..

And it stuck me, how people go through life differently. Well, both groups are successful in their own ways. Yes, you might think that the dollars are what matters when it comes to success. But I think that it depends on you.. Yes money is important but it is not everything.. Ok *slap myself* wake up!! money x = success..

The 1st group were so happy without the title, money, assets that the world belive are what define's success. The 2nd group were happy with their money, stress, late nights, and the believe that this is what success is all about.. 
What about me? I just turn 25. Am I successful? I'm not earning big bucks but well, I'm happy.. and yeah.. I'm content..
So . esther --> success???
Ok, I better stop talking and head to bed already. My brains are not functioning anymore and I do not know what I'm actually typing. Sign of old age... :(
Anyway, I need to be up in 2.5 hours time to head to Penang for camp.. *trying to stay young*
Boys' Brigade of Malaysia PESTA 2010, here I come!
* see you guys in a week

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