June 18, 2010

I survived 19th Pesta 2010!!

I'M BACK!!! Woohoo.. it's been a tiring 1 week.. Had an average of 4 hours sleep per night for a week.. I need a back massage, food massage and 28 hours of sleep to recuperate :p

I was away for a week with 1700 participants at the 19th Pesta 2010 @ Penang.. Crazy huh? Imagine the amount of preparation for the food, accomodation, transport, materials, logistics and so much more.. Kudos to the camp committee for doing such a great job..

Anyway, its much too long to blog about the whole 6 days camp so i'll try to sum it up..


1. Sleeping in classroom. Arrghh!!! My back cannot take it anymore. I use to be able to do it all the time, sleeping on classroom floors, outdoor camping with stones under your sleeping bag, and all that. But now.. I think I am getting older.. But thankfully it was wooden floor, not cement floor. And they put 35 girls into 1 classroom. Can you imagine the chaos? It was super cramp and we had to step oer people all the time. Dosen't it look just like a squatter house?

2. Stairs. Stairs. Stairs. See that dark wooden flight of stairs at the end of the corridor? Yep, we had to climb that ever time we needed to go to our room. And the floors were wooden. That means you can hear all the buffalos and elephants stomping up and down. It's gets really irritating especially when they start stomping up and down at 5am. The only good thing, I got tone thights from all the walking and climbing.

3. UNESCO Heritage Zone. We are staying @ Convent Light Street, which is under the UNESCO heritage site. It's such a beautiful school and I feel so previlege being able to stay there. Our classroom overlooks the sea. Imagine coming to school each day and hearing the waves from the sea. Bliss!!! And they even have an English Rose Garden in the compound. Double bliss!! Didn't get to take much pictures of the school as the programme was very packed..


1. Din't take much picture of the food as every meal, I was super hungry everytime ( must be from the walking and exercise) and could not stop myself from charging at it :p

Looks good huh? Nah, this wasn't camp food. This was when we when out for lunch.


1. Drill Competition. We got 7th placing out of 20 teams. Well, even if we din't win, I'm satisfied as we had done our best and who says we are not good enough? We proved you wrong didn't we.. Great job guys! And it was actually our uniform that pulled the marks down. Our drill were on par with the better teams.

2. Band Competition. Yep, we lost but the fact that we almost pulled out due to failure of commitement from members, we did make it thru. We went out there doing our best eventhough we know we might not win. Come on la, with only 2 weeks of practice and 80% new comers, how to compete? I was really unhappy with the judges. They were suppose to be professionals. They just kept picking on us and it seems they were saying we were wasting their time. Yes, we are lousy. You should have given some word of advise on what we can do to improved, not just pick on our mistakes and kept telling us what we did wrong. Screw you people!!! Do not compare us with 1st JB, 1st and 3rd KL. They are veteran. Yes, we were not up to your standard. So what? Was it specify in the competition R&R that only veterans can join? Bands who are younger are not allowed because we are not up to that standard? I do not think so. Oh wait, I think I'm wasting my precious time and space on people who are not worth it..

Here is 10th KL Band. So proud of them..

3. Singing Competition. Well, sad to say that the sound system was TERRIBLE!! Lesson learned : Don't choose a slow song..

4. Dancing Competition. We got 4th placing for this. At least we did not go home empty handed. Competition was really tough with alot of other fantastic dancers.

And I really got to post this up cos its super gay..


1. Opening Ceremony

2. Treasure Hunt around Georgetown. Legs feel like breaking. We had to complete as much puzzles, challenges, blanks as much we can.

India House

Baba Nyonya House

Little India



Ahhh.. Love Lane..

3. Explore Penang. We had a few regions to choose from and I when for the farm trip (city girl mah). Never see kampung before. We stopped by the "look-out point" before heading to the farm. OMG!!! Some of them like never see chicken before. *starts panicking*

Duian. I love durians...

Ask the spoilt brats to soak their feet in the river, all barked at the idea with complains that their feet will wet their socks and in turn wet their shoes. After going in, they refuse to come out. Help me God!!! * look upwards*

This is how eggs are graded..

a 158 year old church

Learn someting new. Now I know what is nutmeg *sheepish grin*

3. Fun fair & B idol. I did not take any pic as I was busy playing too.. hehe... But it was super fun. Darn the group that bought over my stall when I just started making money. All my ideas to improve business cannot be carried out :(

Random stuff

1. Beautiful rainbow..

2. 10th KL Signature Pose (minus the 2 hooligans behind)

3. 10th Kuala Lumpur Boys' Brigade Company. Check out the pile of lugages behind them on the right. It's amazing how we manage to fit all this including them into 1 bus. Spoilt brats!!

Phewww... I survived 19th Pesta 2010!!


gapnap said...

Looks like you had a great adventure :)

Esther Chew said...

Yep yep, i did.. it was fun :)

OH NO!! I just realise I missed out 1 major part..

We did a route march from St Xavier all the way to Komtar Dome. It was super fun loh.. haha.. Feel like celebrity cos got so many people watching us along the way.. As i was marching with the company, didn't mange to take pictures :(

will do it again...