March 1, 2010

Trip up East Coast

Took a trip with family up east coast during the CNY break.. and I realise its such a beautiful place. So peaceful and rustic. Makes you feel like you are back in yesteryears..

My aunties and mum were haggling and comparing prices over some salted fish. Standing there waiting for them, just looking around when I notice that the clouds look so near that I feel I could almost reach out and touch them :)

Took a drive up towards kemaman for their very famous roti bakar. If you are ever there, drop by the Hai Ping Kopitiam and try their food. Delicious!! You could even tell by how fast the packets were grab of the trays by people.

Can't really take credit for this shot as I am in the picture. My bro took this perfect shot with just 1 take. Amazing right?

Such pretty cats all sitting in a row..Waiting for someone to take them home and love them..

Caught this little cutie staring at me as I took her shot :)

And since this is the east coast, here is a picture of the sea.. endless blue sea, cloudy blue skies, sitting there hearing the waves breaking against the shore, bliss...

God's creation is so beautiful.. Look around you and you'll find it. Took this at 1 of the rest stops along the highway as my family stop for a toilet break..

When I saw this, the first thought that came to my mind its "God's blessings is upon us. Protecting us as we drive home.' Cool huh??

So that's sums up my trip to East Coast (Kuantan, Kemaman, Cherating). Till then..

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