March 24, 2010

Mexican anyone?

Eating have always been a center of my life. I enjoy going places and trying out new food. Hence, the expanding waistline :(

But please do not feed me anything exotic like weird seafood or snake or some funny animals then we do not eat.. A big NO NO!!

Anyway, back to topic. Just the other day, Clem decided to take me for a treat of Mexican food. We headed all the way to Subang to check out this place which many have talked about their great food.

And here we are, at "Las Carretas". Since I wanted to have seafood, I know, you must be thinking "Seafood? In a Mexican reataurant?". Hehe.. Anyway, the very helpful and cute waitress recomended the 'Broiled Fillet of Norwegian Salmon'. Sounds yummy right? And Clem settle on the 'Costilla De Cordero'. Its sounded so Mexican but its N.Z Lamb Loin Chops served with their special dip, the 'Chimmi-Churri Dip'.

While waiting for the food to arrived, I took a few pictures of the place.

It was quite quiet, which is great for me as I do not like noisy restaurants. But it seems a great place to hang out with your friends too, judging from the number of people that headed upstairs for a party.

And so, the food arrived. The salmon was perfect. Non of the fishy taste that I sometimes get and soft enought that it melts in my mouth. And the gravy that came with it wasn't enough for me and I almost lick my plate clean. Delicious! It was 1 of the best salmon i've ever tasted.


Clem's lamb chops was good too. The lamb was well done and the meat was soft enough without you havinge to chew and chew and chew on it. The sauce that came with it was a tad to weird for me as it was a mixture of spicy and sour taste. However, if you want something different, then its a must try.


And after paying the bill, the very nice waitress offered to take a picture of us. Here it is!

So if you have cravings for Mexican food, head to Las Carretas.

Las Carretas Subang Jaya
No 29, USJ 10/1F,
47620 Subang UEP
03 - 5639 3058

Service was great and don't forget to try the salmon.

Till then...

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