March 7, 2010

Visit to I-City, Shah Alam

As a V-day celebration, clement and I visited the I-city @ Shah Alam. But alas, it was pouring when we arrived and had to wait for the rain to stop. But even after it stop raining, some of the lights could not be switch on due to safety reasons. So disappointed..

But anyway, we manage to catch the rest of the lights and it is really beautiful. A sight not to be missed... As it was getting dark, it was quite hard to take pictures. Check them out!

We started with the indoor area. It was decorated with a Christmas theme and a Chinese New Year theme!

Snowman greeting us at the entrance

Inside the snow room

Inside the Chinese New Year room

A photo taken by a very helpful staff

Outside the building.

Then we headed towards the open air park.

This is 1 of my favourite picture. I like the way the sunset glows against the rows of colourful trees.

Close-up on cherry blossoms. So pretty..

Tiny white lights

Lighted swans and frogs


Beautiful isn't it? Its worth a visit..

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